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Madara was not a happy drunk. He was an emotional one, a talker at that, and knowing this weakness he was careful not to drink too much in company. So why was he over at the Senju residence, drinking with the one man he was NOT supposed to open himself up to?

His body seemed to move against his will, and he slid over to lean on Hashirama’s shoulders, seriously looking like Madara would keel over sometime soon.

       “I just… wish we can be happy.”

Dun sa isa kong subject kanina, nag count off kami ng 1-10 kasi may gagawing activity. Tapos nung ako na yung nagbanggit ng number, tinitigan ako ni maam sabay tanong, “Dati ka pa bang nakaupo dyan?” Sabi ko “Yes maam” Sabi ba naman “Ay akala ko nakikisit-in ka lang” tapos parang ayaw niya talagang maniwala na estudyante niya ko. Dun kasi ako sa pinakadulo ng first row. Nakakaloka ka maam.

I might be one of few people who think this, but I HATE YumeXSubaru. Yume is 13 barely a teenager whereas Subaru is 15. I know it’s only two years but that’s a lot when you’re so young. There’s no chemistry, I mean Yume has more chemistry with Laura and Koharu who are her age than with Subaru. There’s an obvious power imbalance between her and Subaru and before anyone gets mad at me for being “heterophobic” or whatever I feel the same about shipping Yume with the S4 girls.

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The pups in a nutshell
  • Bones:Lanky, internally screaming nerd child. Probably has the highest score in all the arcades.
  • Alpha:Seems sophisticated and nice, actually thinks you are a idiots. Likes his family tho
  • Demise:Smol and ready to tussle. Thinks she is cool. She is really not cool.
  • Kami:Would sacrifice you for a piece of steak...Or just because. Over protective big brother. Ate a butterfly once.
  • Lily:Too damn nice for her own good. Wants to be a princess, just let her be one. Could probably shoot you from miles away.
  • Timber:A asshole. Jack no 2, now with 90% more anger.

PE ko nanaman mamayang 3-5pm. Itutuloy lang namin yung sinimulan na class tournament ng game of the generals. Wala pa kong ni isang panalo jusme. Pero isang beses palang naman akong naglalaro hahahaha. Pero kasi nung nag trial games kami, bale apat yun, tas lahat yun talo ako. Wahahahaha wala e, move lang nang move ng mga piece. Kala mo naman may strategy hahahahaha


Touken Ranbu Anime Confirmed!!!!

And two series are going to be released!!!!!!! The first Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru from October this year and the 2nd in 2017 animated by none other than  ufotable!!!!!

Official Site for Hanamaru