*ignore my face– looks like i haven’t got any sleep in a week, because i really didn’t have enough of it. XD

bed hair. i like it because i feel pretty on it. i won’t say i’m ugly in this photo to get attention cuz i don’t really feel ugly in this one. i feel pretty when i wake up in the morning. it’s the time when my hair looks pretty, IMO, since i don’t have pretty hair at all. XD

Reminder that, in the past, only 6 members got special solo songs on their graduation single: 

  1. Fukuda Asuka - Never Forget (this was a b-side)
  2. Yasuda Kei - Never Forget (cover song, also a b-side)
  3. Takahashi Ai - Jishin Motte Yume wo Motte Tobidatsu Kara (also a b-side)
  4. Niigaki Risa - Egao ni Namida (cover song, also a b-side)
  5. Tanaka Reina - Rock no Teigi (also a b-side)
  6. Michishige Sayumi - Shabadaba Doo~

Also, only 6 members got to sing lead on their graduation single

  1. Goto Maki - Do it! Now (co-lead with Abe Natsumi)
  2. Fujimoto Miki - Kanashimi Twilight (co-lead with Takahashi Ai)
  3. Takahashi Ai - Kono Chikyuu… 
  4. Niigaki Risa - Ren’ai Hunter (co-lead with Tanaka Reina and Sayashi Riho)
  5. Tanaka Reina - Brainstorming / Kimi Sae (co-lead with Sayashi Riho)
  6. Sayashi Riho - Tsumetai Kaze / ENDLESS SKY

Ishikawa Rika, Yoshizawa Hitomi, and Kamei Eri got plenty of solo parts in their graduation singles, but they weren’t really the leads, Takahashi Ai was. 

In general, not all Morning Musume members get to sing lead or their own solo song, but I’d say that the majority of members get a chance to shine before they graduate. But it’s seldom in their graduation single unless you’re the first to graduate or have been in the group for 10+ years. They make exceptions for leaders and aces, but not always. 

I sincerely hope Zukki enjoys her last couple of months in Morning Musume, and that she at least isn’t shunned in her graduation single like some other members were.

Pop Culture Animism

I had a thought today! For anyone who is both a pop culture pagan AND an animist, I realize that maybe you can use the Na’vi prayer from Avatar before eating (or killing your own food, if that’s your preference): 

In English: I See You, Brother, and thank you. Your spirit goes with Eywa, your body stays behind to become part of the People.

In Na'vi: Oel ngati kameie, ma Tsmukan, ulte ngaru seiyi ireiyo. Ngari hu Eywa saleu tìrea, tokx ‘ì'awn slu Na'viyä hapxì.

(I snagged this from a Quora thread, so you’ll need to CTRL + F ”Avatar” to find it).

I’m not sure if some of the same ideas apply re: appropriation since this is a work of fiction. But I guess it depends on how you practice your pop culture paganism. 


Finishing my debut album/mixtape #TheRealization. Do you like it?

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At the end of the Spring Tour 2016, Suzuki Kanon will graduate from Morning Musume’16.

I read this news this morning and you can’t imagine how sad I am.

I’ve begun to follow Morning Musume in Spring 2010. I followed the graduation of Kamei Eri, Junjun and Linlin on the 15 December 2010.

I remember I followed the audition of the 9th generation on a TV program which was broadcast on Youtube.

I wanted no one but the cutie Suzuki Kanon for this 9th generation.

I remember this day, the 2nd January 2011, as it was yesterday. I was so excited to know the name of the girls who will be part of my favourite group! And I was so happy when I saw the girl I was supporting be part of the girlsband.

I was so happy when I saw she was with my favourite Senpai, Mitsui Aika, in Maji Desu ka SKA, her first single.

Her smile made my day more than once when I was bad and her voice cheered me up so many times, I can’t even count.

I’ve always supported Suzuki Kanon and I was so happy and proud to see she could have been center, at least one time with Oh My Wish!.

This news makes me really sad, my eyes were teary all this morning. But I respect her decision and I wish she finds happiness.

I’ll know I’m going to cry on this last day of Spring Tour but for now, I’ll keep supporting her the best way I can and wish the best for her.

Suzuki Kanon, I know I will miss you. Thank you for everything!