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Am I the only one who played the game Kameo Elements of Powerand fucking loved it??

I feel like no one even knows of this game or if they do, they just didn’t like it.It was an Xbox 360 launch title and everything but it’s really unpopular. I used to play it with my dad when it first came out like 9 years ago.

9 fucking years ago. Holy shit…

Kameo Fact:

its been a really long time since i posted anything at all Kameo related… sorry (Theres just not that much to say…) Anyway- There was a sequel to Kameo that was sorta in the making a few years ago, but i highly doubt another one is gonna get made…

I finished my Wotnot Book

Here’s the cover. The Elf’s name is Ortho.

Then here’s the table of contents.

Page One features Pummel Weed

Page Two is Rubble.

Page Three is Deep Blue.

Page Four is Major Ruin.

Page Five is Ash.

Page Six is Snare.

Page Seven is Chilla.

Page Eight is Flex.

Page Nine is 40 Below.

Page Ten is Thermite.

Minus a few spelling errors, I think it turned out well. I also have little mini fun facts that I can spout out at a moments notice on them.

My day at the game shop:

Sell an Xbox 360 for store credit, pick up some used games I missed with said credit:

Talk collectively with other geeks on the subject Hunger Games mixing of first person tenses…

Also buy miniature to play in my boyfriends’ Pathfinder game.

I am such a magpie that seeing the gemstone dice makes me want to play even more :P…

Today's Kameo Fact

There is this glitch or something on my version where if you go to one of the  the warrior’s lairs in the plant section(i think this section of the badlands…) and you fall a certain way close to the edge of the wall you can reach the bottom of the cliff thingey and walk on air. Its pretty cool, just make sure you save before you do so cuz the only way out is to quit the game.

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