kameo elements of power

Damn it, game.. Why must you do this to me? Was this really neccessary? D’:

Anyhow, me and Liza started playing Kameo: Elements of Power because it is very nostalgic for Liza and I thought it looked kinda cute. :D It’s really an awesome game <3

okay so we’re severely tempted to cosplay them because ugh so pretty but we really shouldn’t.. xD darnit

i ship it <3

I finished my Wotnot Book

Here’s the cover. The Elf’s name is Ortho.

Then here’s the table of contents.

Page One features Pummel Weed

Page Two is Rubble.

Page Three is Deep Blue.

Page Four is Major Ruin.

Page Five is Ash.

Page Six is Snare.

Page Seven is Chilla.

Page Eight is Flex.

Page Nine is 40 Below.

Page Ten is Thermite.

Minus a few spelling errors, I think it turned out well. I also have little mini fun facts that I can spout out at a moments notice on them.

I never see anything on here about Kameo Elements of Power and it makes me really sad because it’s such an amazing game. 

I remember playing a demo for it back in 2005 when I was out shopping, I think it was advertising gameplay for the Xbox 360? But anyway that was the game that made me want an Xbox so I got them both for Christmas that year. I THINK it was the first rpg/video game I played too.

The music and gameplay is great and the graphics are beautiful too: 

External image

When I’m able to edit again, I’ll definitely be making edits and gifs of this game~