kamen rider valentines


Happy Valentine’s Day~! I recently finished watching Kamen Rider Den-o and so I came up with these since tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day. 

Plus bonus Love Combo from OOO because nothing says Valentine’s Day like a kamen rider covered in pink hearts.


Valentine’s Day ‘16: FRIENDSHIP!!

OH JEEZ IT’S VALENTINE’S DAY AGAIN. Which means, once again, Jamie takes any opportunity to throw presents at people and I, as usual, throw some art back at him. What a ridiculous BFF I have.

Anyway, this time he got to choose the result, and “GEN MEETS PAPYRUS“ was the choice! I hope it turned out satisfactorily~
(i’m so sorry kengo) (… that i’m not sorry at all, haha monsters are magic, deal with it science grump, deaaaaal~)

“When people love others, they grow weaker, though it’s nothing to be ashamed of. True weakness lies elsewhere. Because this is not true weakness. Only those who know weakness will be truly able to become stronger.”