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mcknighty9  asked:

If you were a Kamen Rider, what secondary rider would you want and not want as your partner?

Oh!  Good question!  As to which seconday Rider I would want at a partner, I will excuse my first choice because Kamen Rider #2 wasn’t really a secondary Rider as he was a main character (and only Rider on screen) for a good chunk of the first series.

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Sorry Ichimonji but you’re just TOO important a player for this one.

My actual pick for secondary Rider I would want as my backup goes to Kamen Rider Zeronos from Kamen Rider Den-O.

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Not only is Yuto a pretty stand up guy and the kind of hero you’d want watching your back but her travels in a train that can cross time so that’s a pretty big advantage right there.  

As for my choice for the Rider I would LEAST want as my partner, oh boy THAT’S AN EASY CHOICE! I had to think on who I would want but who I wouldn’t want within five miles of me, that wasn’t even a decision.

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Yeah, Kusaka Masato from Kamen Rider 555 is by far the most horrible secondary Rider ever, he’s arrogant, a jerk and actively plotting against the primary Rider for the sake of a girl who isn’t even into him.  I just want to punch that look off his face and if he was on my side, I’d let Smart Brain win!

UGH!  That face!  It’s just so punchable!