kamen rider new den o

PSA on a lil something bc Japanese superheroes are a topic I am very enthusiastic about, so bear with me for a lil bit:

I know the “Green Power Ranger” jokes are veeery tempting because that’s literally the only tokusatsu that reaches the West (bar the occasional Sentai getting official subs in the US, and the Ultraman shows that gets on Crunchyroll thanks to god once every blue moons), but Genji’s design is actually inspired by that of a Kamen Rider!

(Pictured above: Kamen Rider Zeronos from the 2007 series, Den-O, which Genji’s new skin seems to take a few cues from)

(Pictured above: the 2014 Kamen Rider series, Gaim. The show is still ongoing today.)

The suits in this show are notably more complex than those of a Sentai series, since Sentai has way more simple designs by virtue of featuring usually more than 3 heroes.

(Pictured above: KyuuKyu Sentai GoGoV, which a Power Rangers series was made from the stunt stock footage of. Notice the obvious difference in style.)

Tbh, with Genji’s backstory being so similar to that of the Riders of the Showa era (around the 70s) I kinda expected a skin like that was coming. Showa riders are typically rebels, usually people who were part of an evil organization at some point, and who became cyborgs after the DNA of monsters was infused into them. (welp, if you think about it, the closest thing the OW world has to monsters are Omnics, considering the crisis and all.) And more often than not, a Kamen Rider’s story starts when they either escape / betray / are betrayed by the very organization they used to serve, or were almost brainwashed into doing so.

I’m so glad Blizzard finally acknowledged that tokusatsu influence~


Zero645 replied to the shot of Megahex’s soldiers with what turns out to be layers of suit reuse. 

These suits originally come from the ZECT Troopers from Kamen Rider Kabuto. They were later reused (and the helmets remodeled) for soldiers led by the Leo Imagin late into Kamen Rider Den-O, and later were given new helmets as the soldiers for the Commander Dopant from one of the Kamen Rider W Returns movies. The Megahex soldiers look like they may be using the helmets of this previous incarnation.

For all I know there could be more, but these were what immediately sprung to mind. Thanks to Zero645 for bringing this up.