kamen rider fangirling

  • Kobayashi : He won’t say anything during filming, but after I’m already done and chilling at home he’ll be like “Yuta, let’s go out, where are you” and call me immediately. “You should’ve said something earlier!” I think (laughs).
  • Sano: Yuta calls some interesting things party time. He’ll say “I’ll make you some delicious things”, we’ll both go to the supermarket, and then he’ll look all cheery while pushing around the cart. “How cute can you be!?” (laughs).
  • Sano: For instance, since I don’t want to lose to Yuta’s modest or serious sides, I end up following his example. On the other hand, I live through my senses, and I notice or pay attention to a lot of things that he just doesn’t. But if he was perfect, or boring, I think I’d be in trouble. Having such a dependable person like Yuta with me, I get to be a little more free (laughs).
  • Kobayashi: Well, on the other side of that, I guess I can say that I “don’t want to lose to Gakkun in supporting people!” (laughs). As the leading man, Gakkun pulls the cast with him. When he pulls me, I’m able to put 100%, even 120% in, he’s a really good support!
  • (Source: Henshin Justice Unlimited http://henshinjustice.com/2014/01/19/interview-with-kamen-riders-gaim-and-baron/)

My Christmas package from my lovely Inui-san arrived today! I haven’t torn into -everything- just yet, saving one box for Christmas (or at least trying to XD), but ALL THE LOVELY KAMEN RIDER STUFF! ;W; 

The first two, Deneb from Den-O and Agito from Agito (well that’s rather-anyway) I knew were coming to me because she’d offered them to me, being the more KR-inclined between the two of us (and she got two Deneb, my favorite Imagin <3). The Fire States Fourze and Woodelix Rider Machine, I completely forgot that I’d babbled to her that Fire States was my favorite Fourze form, and that I’d wanted to send her money for a Woodelix (orafew) if she happened across them in her next Japantown browse. ;w; They are so cute, I love everything. And I need a proper toku toy display space soon. XD

THANK YOU AGAIN INUI-SAN! <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 I LOVE YOU, AND I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU IN MAY!