kamelot confession

Honestly, the whole fan battle of former vs current singer is boring. I’m not just talking about Nightwish here. I see comments on Eluveitie videos like “not bad but I miss Anna” or “Eluveitie is not the same without Anna it bores me so much! Bands change, members will come and go so why not enjoy the music, and if you don’t, go somewhere else then! Side note: I find it mainly annoying that this happens with female singers. I’ve never seen a Kamelot video where someone in the comments says that “Tommy will never be like Roy”



Yeah I haven’t done any Kamelot fanart in a looong long time so I picked sassy Oliver from the My Confession video :D (it’s carbonoid btw, username change)

Also for the Kamrades who don’t follow me, if you check out my thesis tag, you’ll find something animated and Kamelot related ooooh. I’m just waiting to hear back from the manager before publishing the whole thing online o3o/