kame's house


@awesomelogicflip commissioned me again (!! thanks!!) to draw a scene for his Krillin/Android 18 fic, The Inbetween.

Here, have an excerpt:

“It was a calm night at Kame House. In fact, Krillin wasn’t sure if there had ever been a calmer night since he’d started living here. It was cool, the breeze providing just enough chill to cool down but not make being in a pair of trunks uncomfortable. The starts above were bright and clear against the sky, a black canvas filled with thousands of dots The crash of the surf against the island shore brought in that little bit of extra salt in the air and he took in a deep breath to taste it all the better. Even in the island paradise that was Master Roshi’s little slice of the world, it was rare for night like this to happen. Roshi had even made sure the lights were out in the house at his request to make sure that nothing interrupted the clear bright moonlit night.
But with all that, he knew that this perfect moment would be nothing, absolutely nothing without 18 leaning against him as they reclined together in a hammock…”