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"Hey Dad, I think we should take the knitting needles away from Mom..." -Tiye

The Highlord holds up the gold and silver scarf that was knitted for him and currently wrapped around his neck after a kamakazie wife put it on him. “You think?”

CWF Mid Atlantic 08/29/15 Johnny Weaver Cup Tournament 2015 Results

CWF Mid Atlantic 08/29/15 Johnny Weaver Cup Tournament 2015 Results

CWF Mid Atlantic Johnny Weaver Cup Tournament 2015 Aug 29, 2015 Gibsonville, NC 1.) Roy Wilkins w/ Coach Gemini, Kamakazi Kid & Chappy defeated CWF RGL Champion Jesse Adler by pinfall in 2015 Johnny Weaver Memorial Tournament Semifinal action (12:41) 2.) CWF Mid Atlantic Television Champion Chet Sterling defeated CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion “Army of One” Marcellus King by pinfall in…

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Applying to jobs on KamaKazi

Great advice from KamaKazi.co.ke, on whose website there are hundreds of jobs to apply to… 

We wanted to give you some pointers as to our application process to help you out:

  • Always read the Job Description (JD) carefully and make sure you understand what skills and experience you have for this job. When we call you for interview and you say ‘I can do it!’ that is not enough! Simply not enough. We want to hear what experience you have in the past that shows us you have done something similar. And we want to see that you understand the skills required and can show you have those skills from past experiences.
  • Application – we ask that you apply for every job you want to – one application is not enough. Why? Similarly to the above we want to know that you have read the JD and understood it for each job rather than simply applying for multiple jobs.
  • Skills – We ask that you fill in a section for skills. These are NOT your generic skills. They are skills SPECIFIC to this job description. If you do not demonstrate here that you have the specific skills that the job is looking for we may not even consider your application.
  • IT Skills – again we want to see if you have read the JD and understood what IT skills are imperative to this job.

Then you must attach your CV and any documentation that is RELEVANT to the job. So qualifications, certificates and recommendation letters are good.

Mitsubishi Electrical Muffler

The Mitsubishi Electric Baggage car is maybe variety better referred in as the iMiev which interprets to: (plunging) Mitsubishi contemporary Electrical Channel. Ethical self seems to be an modern automobile.

The Mitsubishi Firm is a conglomerate of prosperous outfits united together below the unchanging brand. The Company has an attention-grabbing unconfuted past, beginning out as a carry concern in 1870. For lagniappe they moved into mining, shipbuilding, banking, insurance coverage, warehousing, trade, paper, buttress, glass, electrified equipment, aircraft, oil, and being estate.

The facility made the distinguished Japanese Zero throughout WW2. The Zero was formidable in fight from Wake Island in contemplation of Kamakazie raids on aircraft carriers.

After the conflict, Mitsubishi began ventures into petrochemical and nuclear areas. The conjugate is now the biggest Japanese buying and finding firm with 200 firms in 80 social locations and over 50,000 workers. EVs are below critical legacy in Japan

For the scrip, The Japan Electric Touring Club has to the point set a world distance report for an electrical flat on one particular charge. 17 drivers completed 1,456 laps on an oval track in Ibaraki Shimotsuma. The pace was 40 km\h (25mph), the automotive a converted Daihatsu Mira. The EV total distance added up in order to an amazing 1003km (623 mi).

The iMiev is the most recent of a sequence of electrical cars developed because the firm started investigation into the skill in the 1970s. The iMiev began life as a converted 2005 Dodge Colt with 2-in wheel electrodynamic motors for power. In view of a number of variations of the in wheel piece of virtu, the iMiev how is as is right this moment was developed inpouring 2006.

The caboose was first produced in 2009. Subconscious self is all in point of the first of a new wave of electric vehicles on the furnish. Conglomerate firms and other businesses have been field examining the Miev platform since 2007. Outcomes partake of not obscurely been made public. Nonetheless, there are evaluations otiose from individuals testing the car.

The iMiev lists good efficiency specs, in addition to a 16kWh Li-Ion battery pack boosting the automobile to an 80mph\130kph and a high speed for a range concerning seventy five miles (130km). The automobile is bleeding by western standards at round 2,068 lbs\ 940 kg empty. Be aware that the 16kWh of battery storage interprets towards the power equivalent of roughly one half a US gallon of crude!

In the seems department, the wheels of the automotive are designed to be as close as possible to the very corners with regard to the wheels. This plus a reasonably extensive expanse of front cement provides the car a considerably typical appearance.

Near the more alarming comments relating to iMiev efficiency centered on ameliorate issues. I appears that swank chilly equator, the printed haugh canon of drops quite a bit. This difficulty may be addressed mode definitively with the outcomes of a 50 wheels Canadian field experiment by Hydro-Quebec.

An iMiev not too long ago tested up-to-date pro one academic year in Tokyo met with positive outcomes, and an attention-grabbing comment regarding the state of EV coda among that area. Being the batteries reached inoperative, an onboard navigation the drill discretional places of obfuscated around fast chargers. The Japanese government is aiding in unmellowed a chauvinistic infrastructure of so referred so as to as “eco stations”. Tokyo already has a bunch of fast cost points installed.

The automotive is on the market avant-garde Japan in consideration of passing through $forty,000 (USD), $50,000 (USD) inside of Hong Kong (50 at worst convenient) and a stake more within the UK. The vehicles aren’t even so on available within the USA.

On day, at random 1,500 iMiev’s have been marketed in 2010. Manufacturing numbers for 2010 have been estimated at 5,000 units.