Canada’s Miraculous Guardian

My Miraculous Ladybug OCs, Elise and Kamaii!! ^ 0 ^

She has my old hairstyle, oops, LOL. But I just adore this look for her!

Elise’s Miraculous is a broach that is pinned to her crop top, and it transforms her into Princess Gale.

She has the ability to fly, heal physically, and even mentally by stopping an enemy in their tracks with her staff. From then on she can cause an akumatized victim to open up to her as to why they’re so upset. It’s her special power called “Healing Wind”.

She is the same age as the rest of the main group back in Paris, and ends up being a part of a foreign exchange student program. Thanks to Canada’s second official language being French, it was a snap!

Her adorable blue Kwami is named Kamaii, and she is just as sweet as you can get. She’s extremely shy, even towards her other Kwami friends. She hides behind Elise’s neck, thankful for her medium-long hair. When exhausted, she fuels up with blueberries!

More information about them here!

I hope you enjoy!! ;v ; /

Kamaii, let’s fly!

I’M BACK!!! ^O^

I’ve finally got around to finishing Princess Gale’s redesign!! Only the mask and dress have been revised. Everything else is the same. C’:

Elise’s design is staying the same, it’s just… with her superheroine attire, it was difficult to draw, and I regretted how most of it came out when I released it, LOL.

But this is the OFFICIAL Princess Gale design!!! :D ♥

I’m very satisfied now~ \o/

arima-no-megane  asked:

So, Hairu's dead… As dead as a human can be. :-( Now, what will happen to poor little Furuta? Shiki is dead. Mairo is dead. It's just Furuta and Matsumae left.

I don’t know, he might just be treated as a road block for Matsumae to get up to Shuu, but I kind of hope not, It’s not like we’ve seen him do anything supremely bad or cruel so I hope he gets to live.

Also I’ve got to think his character has some significance seeing as he seemed to show up back in the first series of Tokyo Ghoul when Tokyo went to Kamaii with Nishiki and mistook him from behind to be Kaneki in Chapter 117.

anonymous asked:

Have you seen the latest new spoiler picture about Matsumae and Furuta? Furuta calls her MM-san, but wasn't this Shuu back in TG in the beginning?

Yeah that is weird, I guess Matsumae helped keep up the ghoul restaurant in Shuu’s absence? But it’s weird that Furata would know the name MM at all though.

A. the CCG knows more about the ghoul restaurant than we thought and/or are actively investigating the ghoul resturant and Furata and Kijima are part of that group.

B. There is a lot more to Furata than we are seeing. I’ve seen some people suggest he’s Souta. Which I guess kind of makes sense? I mean Souta was present at the ghoul restaurant in the past, 

and he seems to have longish black hair, and it would explain why Furata seemingly randomly showed up at Kamaii acting like he was a student when it really only made sense for Furata to be either working with or training to work with the CCG at the time Furata’s seeming devotion to Kijima gives me a bit of pause but It could be true.

C. Kijima and his underling really were involved with V and so they know a lot of things about groups allowed to exist that no one else does.

Also judging by the fact Furata shoved one of his teammates in the line of fire I don’t think he’s too aligned with the CCG.