kam art

consider this: rival captains who would happily put the other in the grave but hey turns out they make a good team and they kind of really want to kiss each other lol whups

I love @thegoldenavenger‘s soul animal tattoo AU, especially this detail:

tony’s raven likes bucky’s metal arm just as much as tony would tbh, it’s not skin so she can’t get onto it, but she likes hovering at the edges, on bucky’s scars, and pecks at the metal edge. (ajdl maybe with enough Determination, she actually gets on to it! it’s the one place bucky’s wolf and steve’s dog won’t go)

—From this particular conversation between them and @cinnamonrollbucky!

So I told my irl frien ( the one that im co-writing kotdl with) about how I made the @kotlcpridemonth and she wanted to do it too. I asked to post this with her permission so here it is, its so adorableee I canttt