kalyn are you happy

You tie my soul into knots and ask your questions

why not?

why not love you like you deserve it?
why not be there for you when no one
was there for me?
why not hold you when
i needed someone
to be there for me?

You break my heart into
small butterflies and glued
them onto the ceilings and

every butterfly became a star
because of you
every star still shines
because of you
every time i smile it’s
because of you

There’s something about us, darling

when I started to make friends online

you were among the few
to make me feel at home
you were near the roses
to make me feel less alone
you were surrounded by waterfalls
to make me breathe with bad lungs

Something about us
that I could love
Something about us
that I have come to write
Something about us
that feels more than right
Something about us

us, old souls
us, old souls we know
us, old souls never learned to let go
us, old souls love with new hearts

Something about you
and the way you break

Something about me
and the way I give

Won’t you smile, my dear?

I know
you love

I know
you still love

It is our curse to be that way forever. We won’t always be happy. We won’t always be pure. We won’t always be innocent. We won’t always be perfect. We are the cure but also the cough. We are the sunny day, but when it rains, we forget the day and become the gloom. When the moon eats the stars and cries alone.

The color of your eyes,
the trees die every autumn
just to say, I miss you.

Come back home.

The color of your smile,
it won’t always be red–

you love like me and I love like you
we made clocks laugh because

“time heals all wounds…”

the longest running joke for all poets

I ran out of hands to hold my grandfather clock back into your swaying eyes because we lost the trust we placed into their hearts.

I know there’s something about you
that I’ll always love

if you cry alone on your bedroom floor–

know that somewhere I’m crying too

—  something about us