kalup and franco

Kalup + Franco

It has been announced that the unsuspecting duo James Franco and Kalup Linzy are actually coming out with a record. Previously, they had messed around with some joke shows but it seems the boys, who now go by the moniker “Kalup and Franco", are releasing their Debut E.P. on July 12th. Be prepared to see the performance art via videos of their live shows. Check out their rendition of “Proud Mary” for a taste-test. To follow the sonic experiment in wackiness, stay connected to their Facebook page


Well, at least James Franco’s latest artistic endeavor is something we can actually see.

Just weeks after it was announced that the guy who never seems to sleep is cutting an experimental album with his drag queen pal Kalup Linzy, along comes the video for “Rising,” one of the upcoming EP’s tracks by the aptly named duo Kalup & Franco.

Mind you, it is Linzy who sits front and center throughout the nearly four-minute psychedelic trip that unfolds before us, with Franco—make that Franco’s head—popping up occasionally with a stoner-like smile plastered across his face.

Of course, this time around he definitely can't blame Anne Hathaway for that.

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