Tumblr Crushes:

Oh hey, look, my crushes have gone A FOOT!  Alright, sorry Mango, just had to put that in there. ;-)

Note: Smit, you’ve been my number one crush for over a month–I think the only other time that has happened was with Ben when I first started this journey nearly a year ago.  Feel blessed, you’ve become the new Ben to me. :P

And the rest of these people, if you don’t follow them, then you should! 3 just completed the St. Jude Marathon this past weekend, 2 more are training for half/marathons.  1 got his family to join in on his weight loss journey, and the others are working their way towards pretty amazing goals.

Happy Tuesday, fitblrs!

kalsjourney said: 

like you really want to know the jace and clary incest thing? or like if it is safe to proceed in reading the next books?

No, I really want to know. I want the spoilers and everything!

(I kinda figure she’s not going to do it with her brother, what with that being taboo and illegal in some countries. But if she was all, “Oh well, okay, so I have a brother now, let’s adjust” about it, that would be very unsatisfying. I just want to know the conclusion so that I can decide if I want to read another book.)

Yesterday's confession responses

catherinegetsfit replied to your post: An honest confession

You can do it Nava! Food is hard, especially this time of year.

Thank you so much, Catherine! I don’t know if it’s the time of the year because I don’t get into the holidays and all.  Especially since I don’t have a work environment, it’s me, my dad, and the pets all day long so I don’t get out much.  The sweets are what Mom brings into the house which I usually tend to avoid if I haven’t seen the package beforehand.

 kalsjourney replied to your postkalsjourney replied to your post: An honest…

This is excellent progress! Now, STAY AWAY FROM THE CHIPS!

No potato chips in yesterday’s eating diary!  Yay! :)

 erindoeslife replied to your postAn honest confession

I think we’re all kind of struggling, which is typical this time of year. Your dedication inspires me - you can do it!

Thanks Erin.  Like I mentioned to Catherine, I don’t think it’s the whole holiday rush since I’m not part of it.  It’s just my body and stress levels doing this to me.  All the same, I’m determined to get past it.  And as always, I’m just as proud of your accomplishments as you are of mine! :D

 becomingabetterbecky replied to your postAn honest confession

I’ll keep you to it!

Thanks Becky! Definitely need the encouragement and I know you’re one of my regular buddies on mfp!

 vogel-zara replied to your postAn honest confession

It’s easy to go down this road. We’ve all done it. The important thing is that you realize that this is going on, and you are willing to correct that! Good luck! I know you’ll do great this week! :)

Yes, you’re absolutely right that it is important to recognize what I’m doing wrong and switch it to go down the right path.  I’ve always known for a long time that working out would not be the problem once I got into a routine, it would be the food I consume at home.  Living under my parents’ roof after 6 years of being on my own really puts a kink into the diet that I eat in comparison to what they eat. 

 missmarisol replied to your postAn honest confession

I’ve not been able to find a job since April & I can’t help but get frustrated over it. But I can look at it in two ways: 1) be depressed & eat all I want or 2) try use the time to work on me. You choose. Just make the right choice. :)

Absolutely there are two choices.  I try to look up on it and think that hey, at least there are jobs in my field I am being rejected from instead of no jobs in my field.  I’m just a planner.  I like to know what my next move is and like to know what is happening in the future.  So for the first time to have an uncertain future really really frightens me and it is starting to show in how I view things in life.  Best of luck in your job conquest as well! Hopefully things will start to turn up in the new year.

 theskinnyongettingthinny replied to your photo16:50 — 1.33 miles Grabbed this beautiful long…

I love your posts :) they make me so happy!

Thanks! I try the best I can. :)  I’ve grown a lot in this past year to realize that this journey isn’t all about weight loss and getting active, but it’s about learning who you are and what it takes to embrace the changes in life to become something you never expected to become.  (P.S. How are you doing now that the wires have come off? Starting to enjoy eating solid foods again?)

Also, big thanks to Shoe and ChallengeMarla for also letting me know that things will get better!  It means a whole lot that all of ya’ll said encouraging words.  This just shows me how well built the fitblr community is here on tumblr and how we support one another in our journeys to become healthier, more active, and better people then what we once were.

And if you aren’t following any one of these people that I responded to, you should be. Because each and every one of them have an inspiring story to tell and it is worth seeing their lives change before your tumblr dashboard eye’s. 

missmarisol replied to your post: Marathon training has officially begun

Good luck!

Thank you. Winter training is an entirely different beast - I’ll need all the luck I can get!

 runsforredvelvet replied to your postMarathon training has officially begun

Yikes that reminds me to cut my toe-nails!!

You know, the funny thing is that I DID cut my toenails. Obviously not enough though. C'est la vie. 

 kalsjourney replied to your postnavadoeslife replied to your post: Marathon…

It is great to see you posting again!

Thanks Kal! It is very good to be back : )

lostweightgainedlove replied to your photo: RWRunStreak Day 5 — 1.11 miles in 13:32 The last…

5 dollar footlong

SHUT UP!  No, seriously, our minds are connected.  I’ve been craving a Subway footlong for a few days now…. Might invest in it sometime this week if I continue these killer workouts. :)

 mantarei87 replied to your photoRWRunStreak Day 5 — 1.11 miles in 13:32 The last…

I ran a little over a mile today too! My garmin died right at the end tho.

Yay for running!  Doing the RWRunStreak back in November was the best thing ever for me to get back on track.  I always made sure to have my Garmin charged, I checked the battery and anything below 30% it went on the charger.  Also kept me doing laundry fairly regularly, haha.  Keep up the streak, you definitely won’t regret it!

 kalsjourney replied to your photosetMy day in pictures.  Thought it was a lot easier…

AWESOME DAY, Nava! *fist pump*

*fist pumps* to you too, Kal!  You did an amazing job today!

 lostweightgainedlove replied to your photosetMy day in pictures.  Thought it was a lot easier…

Busy day. Look great in dress.

Thanks!  I <3 this dress.  I haven’t worn it since my graduation and after wearing it today it has become my absolute favorite dress.  And yes, it was insanely busy day today, yet somehow I managed to get through it, all without napping.

Responses and to do list accomplishments

@lostweightgainedlove - 2 M.A. degrees at 2 different universities…yup, definitely crazy!  But after May 2012 I can officially say I’ll be down to one degree. :)  (And you missed between Jan-July of this year when I was working 40 hour work weeks, taking 4 classes, AND training for a 10K then half marathon.  Think there is a word beyond crazy?)

@erindoeslife - It’s a good thing you get vacation time to work on your to do list! ;-)  And hopefully the pup enjoys the run.  And thanks for the congrats, I was amazed at the time.  I have up and down days, but when I get close to my new PR it makes me smile. :)

@kalsjourney - Oh the procrastination continues…just wait until you see how much I didn’t get done today

So….today I RAN one mile and BIKED two miles. (Note to self/TMI for all ya’ll men out there: Large chested women need proper bras to run in otherwise it hurts to run.  And guess who fished through the laundry basket and pulled out the wrong sports bra?  Yup, it hurt today, but there’s always tomorrow) And then proceeded to spend about 8 hours looking online for jobs instead of working on my thesis and doing my homework.  Oh, and the laundry is still in the basket.  But the bright side is that it is all running clothes, so I don’t have to go digging through my closet to put on running gear in the morning.

Seriously folks, this is really the only time of the semester that procrastination usually kicks me in the butt.  With one assignment left I usually slack off (still manage a good grade) but really don’t put the effort in until the last minute and get stressed about it.  

And every semester I promise myself I’ll change, yet I really haven’t.  Perhaps next semester?

@bigfatshoe, @erindoeslife, @kalsjourney Reblog responses

@bigfatshoe :  I don’t mind if I see reblogging of someone’s weight loss progress or things of that nature.  Sometimes though it seems to be a conversation between 2-3 and it keeps getting reblogged to answer further down, which is annoying.

@kalsjourney : No way are you the only one who hates that!  (Proof in point the others who responded to this post).  It gets frustrating because all that is posted are pictures after pictures.  I understand if you see this absolutely cute and adorable cat or something, but some people do it day after day after day (most recently with Harry Potter stuff).  And I’m sorry, but that’s why I have a regular blog on a different website for things not related to fitness/weight loss.  I ended up unfollowing 20 different people, admittedly about 5 of them were people who deactivated their blogs or hadn’t posted in at least a month and showed no signs of returning.

@erindoeslife : I honestly don’t recall ever seeing you reblog a picture since I’ve been following you – you’ve been kept on my happy side! :)  There are some followers where I don’t mind because they reblog ever so often and it’s actual useful things or it is something that I have an interest in as well.  But some it’s like they have nothing else to do put press “reblog” all day long.  And it just gets frustrating.  I had to scroll through at least 6 different times on my dash to get to ANYTHING that you posted in the last 48 hours.  And I wanted to see how the push-ups were going and it took me over half an hour to get past reading in between all of the reblogs.