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I really love the Pokémon Crossing posts I’ve seen around so I wanted to add something to it. I started drawing my Sylveon, Glimmer, as a villager, but then I thought I should have him in the game, THEN I decided to show the full 3DS too! That made it more real I think :D

I really really like how the 3DS and all its buttons came out. There’s a maps of Kalos in there, ACNL style, and some of the buttons have a pokeball, a pokedex (for keeping track of villagers maybe?) and a happy Pikachu that makes a sound when your friends are online!

I’d buy this game :D

Nintendo make Pokémon Crossing a game please.

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Oh boy… Oh boy oh boy.

Maybe taking a flight to Kalos without a map or any flying pokemon was a bad idea. Diamond was enjoying themselves for a while, with all the flashy screens and new pokemon but now it’s just dawned on them that they don’t know where they are. It’s definitely a city of some kind. Maybe if they got to the top of that giant tower peaking over the buildings they could try to navigate better.

But… how to get there? Everything was so big. Definitely busier than even Sinnoh’s largest city. Maybe it’d be a good idea to ask for directions. Diamond looked around slowly, trying to find someone approachable and confident looking. Eventually they laid eyes on a boy with.. roller blades? They seemed to know what they were doing, at least. “Over there…! Come on, Lax, Munch.” Diamond becons their pokemon towards the stranger.

Excuse me, but do you know where we are?

The City of L...ight! || Aurelien & Dennis

Dennis was a man of travel. Well, at least, he was for the most part. He had done his share of Johto, a little of Hoenn, some parts of Sinnoh and bits of other places as well. He’d always thought there was no place like home, though. No other country had the same feeling as Kanto, no matter how beautiful or elaborate their cities and towns and such were.

Now, as for the other part of Dennis that wasn’t a man of travel… That was the part were he very rarely got lost. His sense of direction was pretty good, which should only come naturally to the biker, but in places like this? He felt like someone would need a map of a map to the map of this city from the map of Kalos alone.

He had learned very quickly that Lumiose City was a beautiful one, full of people, unique architecture, and culture. He nearly fell in love with it the moment he saw it all, but like every rose, the Kalosian city had its thorns. Those thorns came in the form of being very large and having various amounts of alleyways into places that seemed like the start to the Distortion World. Heck, for a while, that’s where he thought he was.

After a lot of walking (he’d decided it’d be a better way to absorb the city rather than biking), though, Dennis found himself at the front of the Prism Tower, it’s sheer existence making whistle impressively as he stared up at it. Now that was a tower. But now that he was here, he found that it was probably about time to contact the reason as to why he’d come here in the first place… Dennis let out a deep breath, ran a hand through his hair… And called Aurelien.

“Howdy, Ary!” Dennis had started once he heard him pick up with a wide smile on his face. He was sure he was gonna surprise him! “Just wanted ta say that you were right. Lumiose City sure is one heckuva place! N’ Prism Tower is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen, ‘specially from down here…”

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