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One day in the Alolan Academy
  • Ash Ketchum: *eating his lunch with Pikachu outside in the schoolyard*
  • Alola Crew: *spies on him from a classroom inside*
  • Lana: So...he's the new kid from Kanto, huh?
  • Sophocles: He acts too much of a kid... A very excitable kid.
  • Mallow: I think he's kind of cute~
  • Kiawe: I wonder why Professor Kukui would invite a kid like him into our class?
  • Lillie: Hmm... Maybe if we search up his name...
  • Lillie: *googles 'ash ketchum' on her expensive fancy-aesthetic covered tablet*
  • ***Results - 'ash ketchum'***
  • ***has competed in 7 Leagues including Kanto, the Orange Islands, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova and most recently Kalos***
  • ***collected 52 badges***
  • ***Kanto - Top 16, Johto - Top 8, Hoenn - Top 8, Sinnoh - Top 4, Unova - Top 8 and THE RUNNER-UP OF THE KALOS LEAGUES. Champion of the Orange League***
  • ***completed the Battle Frontier and collected all 8 symbols***
  • ***competed in Contests and all sorts of other competitions***
  • ***documented photos of Ash in all sorts of shenanigans including battle videos screenshots, meeting Champions, Legendary Pokemons and saving an entire region from being destroyed***
  • Alola Crew: ...
  • Alola Crew: *looks back outside*
  • Ash Ketchum: *shares a piece of his lunch with a Yungoos before it bites his entire arm, runs around panicking in pain as he tried to get Yungoos off from him. Then bumps into a Bewear before being chased by it with Yungoos still attached on his arm and Pikachu panicking as well*
  • Alola Crew: ... ... ... ... ...
  • Sophocles: Is this even the same person?

Imagine Viktor as the Kalos Pokemon champion and Yuuri as a hardworking Pokemon trainer from Kanto who traveled to Kalos, cleared all the gyms and Victory Road, and made it to the Kalos Pokemon League only to blank out and lose at the first elite four member. And he gets super wasted at the Battle Chateau (he’s training and thinking of challenging the league again–plus they offer good prize money) and Viktor happens to be visiting (as the Grand Duke) and falls in love? Yuuri goes back to Kanto to recuperate and decides to challenge a different region’s league but Viktor finds him first and gives up everything to travel and train with Yuuri and then Yurio tags along too and it’s like the original Pokemon anime trio but Viktor Yuuri and Yurio traveling around the Pokemon world challenging gyms and doing contents and stuff.

Why Ash will beat Alan

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This is it everyone, for the first time ever Ash is competing in the finals of a Pokemon League and everyone is asking one major question.  Will Ash win?  Well I have some solid evidence as to why Ash will beat Alan.

Ash always beats his main rivals

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With the exception of the Indigo League, Ash has beaten his main rival from each region in that particular league such as beating Gary in the Johoto League, Paul in the Sinnoh league,  Trip in the Unova league, and so on.  Now after defeating his main rival Ash would end up losing to a last minute trainer that the writers created to beat Ash in the league but that not the case here since  Ash have already lost to Alain twice.  If Ash lost a third time that would make no sense since Ash need to redeem himself and Ash is supposed to always beat his rival in each region.

Ash is the strongest then he have ever been

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In this series Ash have been winning battles left and right, and while he may not have won every singles battle, he certainly have more wins then losses under his belt in this region.  Like Diamond and Pearl, Ash is thinking outside the box by not just relying on his Pokemon moves, but how to execute them while also using the battlefield to his advantage.  Now I know some people think Alan will beat Ash due to him beating Malva, a member of the elite four, but Ash technically almost beat the Kalos Champion.  THe only reason why he didn’t win was because he collapsed due to him and Greninja not perfecting their form yet.  So if Ash can almost beat the Kalos Champion, I have a feeling he should be able to defeat Alan. 

Ash Greninja vs Mega Charizard X 

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Let’s face it, the battle will come down to Alan and Ash’s strongest pokemon, and Greninja is just as determined to beat Alan as Ash is.  The stronger Ash determination to win grow the stronger Greninja will become. I guarantee that Greninja final move will be the flaming Water Shuriken because I doubt even Alan Charizard will be able to withstand that attack. 

So come one everyone, let put our faith in Ash and root for him in the finals!  Because I REALLY want him to win!

Pokémon Expectations Vs. Reality:

Fans Expectations:

Serena wins master class and becomes Kalos Queen - Ash notices something special about her.

Ash Wins Kalos League, takes on Elite 4, wins, takes on Diantha, wins, becomes Kalos Champion - Serena’s feelings intensify.

Team Flare attack AFTER the champion battle. Ash & Co. Sort them out.

Ash and Serena head to Alola with Serena still not having confessed her love.

Ash and Serena get together… At some point…


Serena loses.

Ash loses.

Team Flare destroys Alain’s award ceremony… (Their own co-worker’s crowning glory!!!) That’s pretty much where we’re at.

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Whats the weirdest/ strangest thing you've encountered at the Team Skull hq

Well, shit, homeslice. There’s a lot. I mean, I’ve caught people doing the dirty, seen Guzma break a microwave by forgetting to put water in a ramen cup, and Plumeria literally cry when her Salazzle got mad at her.

But the weirdest thing was a text convo between me and the boss.
8: So, is there a specific time we have to go see Madame Pres or?
*two hours pass*
Guzma: Motherfuckin Diantha jesus christ man motherfucking RotomDex movie can you fucking believe this shit
8: I have no idea what we’re talking about right now.
*45 minutes later*
Guzma: Goddamn created RotomDex and fucking lawyers and shit right fucking kalos champion goddamn rowing the boat fuck yo shit I can’t even fucking believe this shit have you seen this shit fuck I just watched this shit fuck Diantha man
8: Boss, you’re scaring me.
*1 hour later*
Guzma: Motherfucking Spinarak-Man Spinarak-Man you put in the time fuck put in the time motherfucking build shit with his bare hands fucking best friend shit Diantha I’m very tired
8: N… no problem boss, I’ll just do the talkin’ today.
Guzma:  No man I’ll just talk about the RotomDex movie all day shit man you have to be so interested in the shit I have to say about the RotomDex movie fuck dude I just watched it a year and a half ago fuck Diantha man she fucked over Spinarak-Man crazy kalos champ rowing Sycamore or did the soundtrack fuck this guy who invented RotomDex I don’t like dying I cant think of who the fuck invented RotomDex all I can think is the guy who played the guy who invented RotomDex who the fuck invented RotomDex


And with that final battle with Diantha, Kalos has a new Champion!

I kept the parade and what happens at it rather quiet so it was amazing to see how my daughter’s face lit up. 

“It’s the giant!” She said once AZ showed.

“It’s his pokemon! She came back!” 

Between her and my son there was lots of celebrating, they were both so happy that AZ was reunited with Floette.

Once the credits rolled my son just sort of sighed, “It feels sad still.”

“Why?” I asked him.

“I don’t know. I just feel sad that it is over.”

So I'm playing through Pokemon Black right now and it finally occured to me...

Unova is good at women.

We have Professor Juniper, our first female professor in game canon.

We have Lenora, a smart and professional woman of color and size who also happens to be a gym leader.

We have Iris, another gym leader who might be a child prodigy and goes on to become the first Champion of color.

We have Elesa who embraces femininity and believes that people should be free to make their own decisions.

And most importantly we have Bianca, a girl inspired by other women.