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Headcanon of Bonnie's journey? :D


So I headcanon on her 10th Birthday Clemont gives her Dedenne’s pokeball, and the first thing she does is goes to the forest where they left Squishy because they made a promise that they’d go an adventure together again.

She ends up traveling around Kalos with Dedenne and Squishy, her main goal being to collect gym badges but she occasionally enters tripokalons too, and of course she visits old friends along the way. (she visits Tyrantrum again and completely spoils him.)

I headcanon she catches an Aron at some point, and she gushes over how adorable it is. Especially when it evolves.

She eventually makes it to the league but only makes it to the semi-finals, and then she ends up taking over the Lumiose gym. Eventually though she does re-challenge the league and manages to win, and then she absolutely goes straight to Kanto to challenge Ash. He’d definitely be the Kanto champion by then and when the new Kalos champion challenges him it’s all over the news.

Pokémon Expectations Vs. Reality:

Fans Expectations:

Serena wins master class and becomes Kalos Queen - Ash notices something special about her.

Ash Wins Kalos League, takes on Elite 4, wins, takes on Diantha, wins, becomes Kalos Champion - Serena’s feelings intensify.

Team Flare attack AFTER the champion battle. Ash & Co. Sort them out.

Ash and Serena head to Alola with Serena still not having confessed her love.

Ash and Serena get together… At some point…


Serena loses.

Ash loses.

Team Flare destroys Alain’s award ceremony… (Their own co-worker’s crowning glory!!!) That’s pretty much where we’re at.


And with that final battle with Diantha, Kalos has a new Champion!

I kept the parade and what happens at it rather quiet so it was amazing to see how my daughter’s face lit up. 

“It’s the giant!” She said once AZ showed.

“It’s his pokemon! She came back!” 

Between her and my son there was lots of celebrating, they were both so happy that AZ was reunited with Floette.

Once the credits rolled my son just sort of sighed, “It feels sad still.”

“Why?” I asked him.

“I don’t know. I just feel sad that it is over.”

Thing I want from pokemon sun and moon

1. A good rival. What I mean is that I want a rival that is both challenging and drives me to be stronger. I want some like N, someone who changes his team from the first time you face him and always seem to be one step ahead of you, but I want someone like blue, who taunts you and puts you down only so you can better yourself.

2. A good story, I want a story that makes me want to pay attention to every detail. Something that makes me feel. For example a story like in pokemon white and black a story that drives to play through and listen to every plot and twist.

3. A more active champion, let’s be honest the kalos champion wasn’t that all great heck she wasn’t even member able. Heck if you ask me who was a good and very active champion I would say, either Cynthia , or steven stone. These two were awesome as active champions and helped out alot in their respective games.

4. Unova mega evolved starters, haha this is just a personal choice because I just want a mega serperior

5. Over 100 pokemon, to be honest pokemon x and y had very few pokemon I actually captured all kalos pokemon…beside volcanion. Which was a let down when I go to a new region I like to take a long time to capture all pokemon not a week.

6. After the elite 4 content, what I mean I want some after the main story content so I can be more invested in the game and so I can play more and more. I liked how they added the delta story after you beat the champion, and love how you be came a detective along side looker from pokemon x and y that was fun and awesome it was alot better then the mean story.

7. Custimization, an more complex custimization, allowing to let use decide skin color hair color and eye color, maybe even let use choose what type of bag we get because not every one likes the satchel.

8. Unique starters, starters that mske it hard for me to decide,

9. A new unique way to evolve pokemon, you know something cool we got so many cool evolution method

10. A very large reqion, what mean is a region so big I can’t just explore it using the story line let s take an example, pokemon x and y used the entire region to tell a story and it wasn’t that great what I think we need is something like unova and sinnoh mixes it both big and has stuff to do after the region.

This is my top ten and is no way should affect your choice

Omyfreaking Arceus I can’t even describe the hype about today’s episode. The animation, the epicness and the speed of actions was incredible! Not to mention Ash’s clever strategies that never fail to amaze the audience.
I loved how Pikachu played an important role in the battle as well and how awesome the last battle between Mega Sceptile and Greninja was.

I am so proud of this boy, go beat the crap outta that Charizard in the finals and become Kalos Champion, Ash. Nobody deserves it more.