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We bring you ‘the moment of material.’ - an idea which encompasses the realization of textiles as a tool of communication and the transformation of conceptual ideas within the moment. It seeks to unpack and explore a multitude of different interpretations of, and interactions between; material, movement, textiles and identity, using textiles in a diverse form of expression and as an instrument of interaction.

Opening: Friday the 8th of August 2014 
Kalopsia Gallery, Edinburgh Leith

We find ourselves driven to create opportunities for emerging talent and local communities, to encourage professional development for individuals looking to establish themselves in textiles and encourage growth within the industry.

(Photo: Kalopsia Gallery and the launch of The Printed and Co. Showcase, February 2015)


Ana Diosdado’s installation piece “Communication Breakdown” explores human behaviour and connections between each other through the use of fibre by creating pieces that search for that universal thread that touches the textures of words and forms the patterns that surround our everyday lives.

“Textiles is that common thread that unites us, creates patterns all around us and even maintains our bodies whole. All that exists is woven and intertwined from the physical to the intangible thus creating connections with one another and all that surrounds us.” - Ana Diosadado

For more visit www.anadiosdao.com or come down to Kalopsia Gallery. Open Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm and Sunday 11am-5pm


Rachael Campbell-Palmer and Clodagh Lavelle from Northern Ireland are currently exhibiting their piece ‘GladiARTors’ in the Contextiles-isation exhibition at Kalopsia Gallery which will end August 31st.

Both Rachael Campbell-Palmer and Clodagh Lavelle often use textiles in their individual and collaborative projects and see it as a versatile medium and was within GladiARTors, the perfect medium for creating sculptures that could be shaped and moulded to represent the various forms they required.. and most importantly, ones that could take a beating!

- Opponents go head to head with each other in an attempt to discover the Best Artist in Belfast and the Best Artform of all time! No artistic experience necessary- just the heart of a lion, the fight inside and the desire to win. Soft sculptures representing different Artforms are velcroed to competitors’ crash helmets. The role of the GladiARTor is to protect that object from being knocked off and defeated by their opponents. Contestants were encouraged to created their own costumes and bring along their fans for support!

For more info visit the link


Lucy Firth was born in Leith, Edinburgh and is currently telling her story at the ‘Textile Migration / Textile Leith’ exhibition at Kalopsia Gallery.

“With family photographs of me and Leith, mine and my mother’s memories of the Docks, coupled with the making, and wearing of my clothes that are reminiscent of Leith Docks and Leith Walk I was compelled to share these. The photographs offer historic background images of Leith docks and me taken in 1962. My clothing gives insight to the social & fashion trends of my family; my parents being artists and Beatnicks.” Lucy Firth’s memories of Leith are predominantly of going there with her Dad on afternoons out.
- “I think we drove, & this would then have been in ‘Egg’ our Black 1940’s car which had the raised wheel cover, the little foot platforms , and the rounded front to the car.”

She remember it always being quite dark at Leith Docks. The darkness of the industrial buildings, puddle of oil in the road, murky waters of the docks, and dead rats. She remember visiting the Dole Office in Leith with her Dad and seeing a queue of older men waiting in line…

For more information and to see more of Lucy Firth’s any many others work, visit Kalopsia Gallery at Ocean Terminal.




Watch the film by Notched Lapel from the launch of Printed and Co.Showcase at Kalopsia Gallery, Ocean Terminal Shopping Centre, Edinburgh Friday 13th of Feb 2015. It was a great night, with some amazingly talented Artists, Designers and Makers 


Kalopsia Gallery launch party

Kalopsia launched ‘What is Textiles’ and the Kalopsia Gallery on Saturday 1st of February 2014.

Filmed by Andrew McMillan


Fragments of a year at Kalopsia Gallery.
The video, by Notched Lapel, shows some of our events and exhibitions at Kalopsia Gallery 2014


The Textiles Migration/Leith launch night video has arrived! Check it out!

Another great job by Andrew MacMillan!