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bumili ako ng journal kahapon bcos sembreak na and gusto ko maganda notebook ko pag nag-aral ako ng norwegian para #studyblr HAHAHAHEHEHE i’m so excited aaa ♡

also naiwan ko pa sa foodcourt iyong paper bag nung nag-arcade kami. buti mabait iyong sumunod na umupo, tapos sabi pa nung ate girl, “busy ka dun sa cranes eh, umalis kayo agad tapos lumabas na kayo ng mall akala namin hindi mo na babalikan.” cutie pie

Kalopsia by @jungkxook (1/? fic recs) - read here

Summary: Jungkook’s a photographer who has a knack for finding the beauty in the simple things.
Word Count: 10,623
Genre: Photographer!Jungkook + angst/smut/fluff 
Warnings: Mentions of death

“The world has a lot of problems and it isn’t perfect,” Jungkook said. “It’s bruised and broken too but it’s beautiful, isn’t it?”


“This is who you are. Natural, relaxed, genuine despite the scars,” Jungkook said. “This is you and this is beautiful and I love it.”


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“ I called Alex one day a few years ago, when I was first starting to think about the possibility of getting to make a record and said, "Hey man, give me a good line.” He hit me back and he was like, “Kalopsia.”, and I said, “Kalopsia, what the hell’s that?”, and he said, “It’s a condition wherein everything seems more beautiful than it actually is. ”

- Josh Homme
Queens Of The Stone Age // Kalopsia

A Love Poem

I suffer from Kalopsia-
A condition where you see things
more beautiful than
they really are.

For I see poetic procrastination
in what you call ‘putting off
of your responsibilities’.

And I see love and affection
when you take care of my 3am brain despite its huge instabilities.

But perhaps,
that’s what you call
a crush.

Sarah’s BTS Fic Recs

Ya’ll knew it was comin

Alot of these have smut to some degree so just beware literally all of them have smut bye

Destruction Of a Muse - Yoongi x Reader @baeseoul

Can I just say. That this is my favorite fic. I think I’m gonna read it over again because it’s so damn good. It is honestly an insanely original plot, and the way the writer depicts Yoongi and his attitude in this fic really impressed me.

Manspreading - Taehyung x Reader @wildernessuntothemselves

THIS ONE WAS SO GOOD. It has lots of smut so beware, but you all need to read it. Oh my gosh. I was so sad to let this one go, because it messed me up so bad and I was like nooooooooooo please don’t endddddddd

Imperfect Pair - Jungkook x Reader @itsrainingmin

This one FUCKED. ME. UP. No joke. I love love love this one and honestly was so attached to it, I felt so empty when I finished it. @vivacioustae (now @itsrainingmin) is an incredibly good author.

Protégé - Jungkook x Reader @baeseoul

Here’s some more @baeseoul for you because WOW they are an amazing writer, and I am a sucker for good au’s. I can’t wait to read the next part!!

Kalopsia - Jungkook x Reader @jungkxook

Oneshot that ripped my heart out of my chest, that’s all I’m gonna say

Hiraeth - Jungkook x Reader @jungkxook

I finished this all in one day while I was supposed to be doing schoolwork, but hahahah no this fic is amazing tbh and its ongoing soooo what’s not to love

About a Girl - Namjoon x Reader @rudeboywonho

This one is soooooooooo cute, its a dad/ceo! Namjoon au and I was dying reading it, oml. I feel like the writer depicts Namjoon’s character in this really well. You think the fic is all fluff and then BAM smut

All Too Well - Yoongi x Reader @workofteaguk

I love this one!! So much angst and it’s very well written! It’s different than other makeup artist!reader au’s because it gives a lot of backstory and I think that really enhances the story.

Business - Taekook x Reader @btssmutgalore

This is a two part series (not sure if it’s continuing or not), VERY smutty but SO well written and Taekook is my favorite so read it

Transference - Hoseok x Reader @jeonjagiya

WELL SHIT THIS ONE HAS ME MESSED UP. I usually tend to avoid Hoseok fanfics because some of them are just………………..bad or are poorly written and truthfully there aren’t a lot of them BUT HERE WE ARE THIS ONE IS AMAZING I DON’T KNOW HOW TO DESCRIBE IT @jeonjagiya you’ve done Hoseok justice

Aquiver - Yoongi x Reader @floralseokjin

Jordan is the first person I ever followed!! I was enamored by her writing and have read pretty much everything, but Aquiver is just so incredibly creative and unique??? Like how did you come up with this *claps*

Buzz - Yoongi x Reader @floralseokjin

Once again, another amazing lil series by Jordan!! I just don’t understand. HOW ARE YOU SO CREATIVE (and she’s also a great smut writer be aware that smut is all this series is and I love it)

The Boyfriend Shirt™ - Jungkook x Reader @triptaech

This just killed me, like I’m not even kidding

Home for the Holidays - Taehyung x Reader @triptaech

If I could ask this author anything, it’d be to beg if this could please be made into a series because I’d read the fuck out of it bye

Shower Time Sadness - Namjoon x Reader @triptaech

HOLLLY as a Namjoon stan, this really did it in for me fluff wise and honestly, this writer is insanely talented. I can’t write oneshots well because I’m too wordy, but @triptaech does it so amazingly I can’t even fathom w o w

Damn the Delivery Boy - Jungkook x Reader @deerguk

im crying and squealing oh my god im a mess thanks to this one

I will be adding more as they come along!! 


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sobrang nakakaproud ang sintang paaralan, ang ayos ng pagkaka-organize ng play at ang husay ng mga nagtanghal. no regrets na nagditch ako ng math, though muntik na ako di makanood. thanks po sa ate gurl na binigay sakin iyong spare ticket niya :—) kakakuha ko lang rin ng allowance ko pero halos ubos na. i hate being depressed. i tend to buy stuff on impulse just to make myself feel better. hindi ko deserve lahat ng ito dahil hindi pa ako tapos sa thesis, but still, my heart and soul is happy ♡