Oarsman Ale, Bell’s Brewery, Kalmazoo, MI

After practically eating my weight in prime rib last night from Tally’s, the wonderful boyfriend and I went with our lovely friends, John and Mary, to one of our favorite haunts in Des Moines, GT Lounge, to play pool and fight the sleepiness from eating way, way too much.  Well, after having devoured what felt like a full cow, there was NO way, I was going to be able to drink a heavy beer.

Insert Oarsman Ale here.  The light, slightly fruity beer was recommended by the bartender, Gina, who really knows her stuff!  As she put, this is what summer shandy beers SHOULD taste like!  She's absolutely correct.  Instead of lemon, Oarsman has a tangy tinge of grapefruit which pairs perfectly with the lightness of the beer.  so someone who is not a fan of grapefruit, I was hesitant to try this beer, but it was worth the risk.  It will definitely be my new go to in the summer instead of lesser versions of summer shandy.

Another added bonus of Oarsman Ale?  It’s brewed at the Bell’s Brewery which started in 1985 by Larry Bell in Kalmazoo, MI.  Now, I don’t know about you, but there’s something about craft beer that is brewed by an independent Brewery.  I’ll go for it every time over a craft beer that is cranked out by one of the beer giants.

5 out of 5 stars.  I hope you enjoy this beer this summer as much as I did!

Black Friday 2013: Stores report good traffic, customers happy with early Thanksgiving openings

Ample parking and steady lines at the area’s largest shopping centers were commonplace for the “official” kickoff to the holiday season.

What makes up your Thanksgiving traditions?  Turkey, stuffing, a shopping frenzy the day after?  Now that some stores are opening after Thanksgiving dinner’s done, what does that mean for the “season of thanks” that we’re entering?

Jungle Juice!

Never Again will I drink Jungle Juice. Okay, that’s a lie. But I have made too many Bad Decisions and Witnessed other people’s Bad Decisions whilst drinking jungle juice that I know I should never drink it again. Don’t know what Jungle Juice is? I’ll tell you. Jungle Juice is prepared in a large plastic container. Add a couple of Fifths of different Liquor and add many different juices. The product is a crazy strong fruity drink that gets you fucked up. I’ll post some stories soon of my nights of bad decisions with jungle juice.