kalloway rambles

’You can’t have my life,
I’m not your sacrifice.
You can try, but I’m free,
And you won’t conquer me.

I won’t crawl,
Most of all,
I won’t fall,
For you.’

Okay so I listened to “Sacrifice’ from the Volume 2 soundtrack [holy shit it’s a great song by the way], and I noticed a bunch of people believe it to be Cinder’s kind of ‘theme’.
I can totally see that, but I liked this part of the chorus because I like to think it’s also befitting of Roman.

Unless Roman was aware that Cinder was planning on letting him get caught like that, he wouldn’t be a happy camper I can imagine [and I can only imagine he’d hate Em and Merc’s guts even more].
But Roman obviously isn’t too hot on Cinder [I couldn’t resist the pun I’m sorry] and I like to think that he’s trying to find a way to continue with his own plans and manage to worm away from Cinder and her plans [whatever they are] for his own benefit.

BUUUUT that’s just my own theory ^^; 
I can also kind of see Roman using Neo as his ace up his sleeve regarding Cinder, partially because Neo appears to be loyal solely to Roman at this point, and partially because I honestly don’t think Neo would be all that afraid of Cinder in the first place [though that’s up in the air, seeing as there’s no interaction yet]

But I’m done rambling for now ;u;
Just enjoy my shitty sketch instead jhdsgfhdfg
I haven’t drawn these two in a little while… I should draw them more though.