Az Ifjúsági parkban voltunk hajnalban Bandival. Imádom. Apámmal az alatta elvezető kazamata rendszerbe mászkáltunk, amikor még kis srác voltam.

Úgy néz ki, lehet, hogy történik a parkkal valami, de még mindig megy a ködösítés. Kineveztek valami kormánybiztost. Ezenkívül csak egy dolog biztos, hogy augusztus 23-án lesz egy buli a Pecsában, a régen itt fellépő zenészekkel és az is, hogy a hangulat nem lesz ugyanaz.

Buda szerelmeseként és helyi lokál-patriotaként kérdezem, hogy mi a fasz lesz ezzel, senkit nem zavar, baszki?


Aerophobia means fear of flying. For someone who has never experienced it the next few lines may mean nothing - or my words might even sound funny. According to an American survey 80 percent of Americans are anxious after takeoff, and 10 percent of these people simpyl feel terror when up in the air. This means 24 million people only in the States.

If I lived there I would belong to this group.
I tried to explain myself several ways what I really fear. Being so high, closed in the plane, or panicking from a catastrophe? Some people say aerophobics are unable to let someone else tka over control.
Sitting in my comfortable armchair down here it all sounds crazy, but if I am honest with myself, I belong to this group. Being up in the air is just not for me.
When I sit in a plane I cannot forget the fact that there are thousands of meters between the ground and my two feet. It feels like something perverted to sit in a flying tube for hours and eating chicken sandwich which I was served. Every time I board a plane I think about what will cross my mind when this giant piece of metal, weighing tons will take my helpless body down in the ground. It was the hardest thing to accept, but my fate is in the hands of someone else. And it is hard for me to bid farewell to control in such an extreme situation…