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That’s because Nathan Fillion’s soul belongs

I guess I would just find that insulting if I were the creators of any other project he worked on.  If he’s so head over heels with Firefly he sound leave all of show biz behind and make his living relishing in a show that last 10 eps. I’m not saying he’s not a nice guy, I just want to yell, “LIVE IN THE NOW!!!” right in his face sometimes. 

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You really don’t get For Lovers Only, do you? Both Sofia and Yves are…WRONG people, no…

I guess I just can’t stomach the story. Cheating and adultery gets my blood boiling.  But I have been brought up in a family where you have to be selfLESS and put your family first. Morality is very important to me. I guess it’s my Christian upbringing. Before getting married you need to ask yourself, “Can I see my life without this person?” If you can’t confidently answer that question than you shouldn’t get married. 

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There are various kinds of “ship”… Some people can ship Alexis/Beckett as FRIENDS and future step-daugther/step-mother.

Yes, I know that. I friend"ship" Lanie and Castle and wish they had more scenes together. I’ve read some great Alexis/Beckett stories about Alexis going to Beckett for help, but I was talking about slash ship.  THAT’S icky.