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Everyone talks about how much of a dad North is, but it’s never mentions how York is like that too.
In season 10 when Theta is being introduced to York and Wash, York clearly sees that Theta is nervous and asks Delta to calm him. Then when the director gets upset because of those actions he says
“It’s my fault sir, I asked him to. The new kid seems kind of shy.”
York may not be in everyone’s face about it, but he has the dad personality too.

Freelancers in Blood Gulch

A huge thank you to dandi-candies
for starting our convo about this, and helping with a lot of ideas for this post. So first of who’s on what team…
Red Team: South, Carolina, Maine, CT and York
Blue Team: North, Florida, Tex, Washington, and Wyoming
-Think of all the shenanigans that would happen
•Right away the original Red and Blues make a bet with them that the Freelancer won’t last a year in the canyon
•The Freelancers demanding to call someone in like they did for the sim troopers and Tucker shows up because the BGC decides he’s the closest thing they have to a Freelancer
•479er being the medic and admittedly doing a better job at it than Doc
•Donut making his “double entendres” and Florida throwing them right back at him
•Maine blasting Rap music in the warthog
•South loving all the opportunities she gets to fight her brother
•Everyone getting so into the fight with spying, trash talking, and Freelancers set aside their long time friendships with those on the opposing teams
•York refusing to talk to North because he is a “filthy blue”
•North longingly staring at York from the canyon using a sniper rifle (“what I’m spying, this is what we’re supposed to do isn’t it?”)
•Wash getting pissy because North won’t let him use the sniper
•Wyoming and Florida high key being super gay with each other

Church’s speech really hit me. Over 13 years we’ve seen him across pretty much every dimension. Watching him build an identity outside of what the director did to him that caused him to kill himself inside of Wash’s mind. Seen him prove that he’s more than just a copy of the director, more than just the alpha ai. We’ve seen him through the good and the bad, the “I hate my team” to now “I will die for them.” Now all of this personality, all of what made Epsilon more than just a copy. Everything that made him the asshole he is. Gone, so he could save his friends. Excuse me while I go cry.

  • me: *takes a deep breath*
  • me: i lo-
  • anyone who has ever spent five seconds around me: yes, you love North, i know, you love North so much, he's your precious baby, you love him so much, you just love North , i KNOW, you love North you fucking love North ok i know, i get it, YOU LOVE AGENT NORTH DAKOTA. I. GET. IT.