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I love how in season 8 when Doc gets stuck in the wall, Wash suggests grabbing his codpiece then replied to what the The Meta said with “Come on we’re all mature” After that The Meta just runs and jumps off of the teleport thing on the base and that has to be the dorkiest thing ever. And you can not convince me that wasn’t a little flash of Maine’s personality

Everyone talks about how much of a dad North is, but it’s never mentions how York is like that too.
In season 10 when Theta is being introduced to York and Wash, York clearly sees that Theta is nervous and asks Delta to calm him. Then when the director gets upset because of those actions he says
“It’s my fault sir, I asked him to. The new kid seems kind of shy.”
York may not be in everyone’s face about it, but he has the dad personality too.

Freelancers in Blood Gulch

A huge thank you to dandi-candies
for starting our convo about this, and helping with a lot of ideas for this post. So first of who’s on what team…
Red Team: South, Carolina, Maine, CT and York
Blue Team: North, Florida, Tex, Washington, and Wyoming
-Think of all the shenanigans that would happen
•Right away the original Red and Blues make a bet with them that the Freelancer won’t last a year in the canyon
•The Freelancers demanding to call someone in like they did for the sim troopers and Tucker shows up because the BGC decides he’s the closest thing they have to a Freelancer
•479er being the medic and admittedly doing a better job at it than Doc
•Donut making his “double entendres” and Florida throwing them right back at him
•Maine blasting Rap music in the warthog
•South loving all the opportunities she gets to fight her brother
•Everyone getting so into the fight with spying, trash talking, and Freelancers set aside their long time friendships with those on the opposing teams
•York refusing to talk to North because he is a “filthy blue”
•North longingly staring at York from the canyon using a sniper rifle (“what I’m spying, this is what we’re supposed to do isn’t it?”)
•Wash getting pissy because North won’t let him use the sniper
•Wyoming and Florida high key being super gay with each other

  • me: *takes a deep breath*
  • me: i lo-
  • anyone who has ever spent five seconds around me: yes, you love North, i know, you love North so much, he's your precious baby, you love him so much, you just love North , i KNOW, you love North you fucking love North ok i know, i get it, YOU LOVE AGENT NORTH DAKOTA. I. GET. IT.

I’m so excited for when Donut finds out that they found Doc.
If Tucker and everyone call back to base first to tell him, Donut would be so giddy, talking on and on about how he’s back and how excited he was.
Or there could be Doc just shows back up with everyone, Donut sees the purple armor and runs up and hugs him. Tearing up and speaking a mile a minute about how much he missed Doc and how happy he was he was back

Some headcanons about Wash and his two cats

•Ari is a fluffy calico
*Skyler is a grey and white tabby
•Both Ari and Skyler are strays he picked up shortly before enlisting for the military
•They happily are staying with Wash’s parents until he returns to take them back
•The still wait by the door everyday hoping that it’s the day Wash walks through that door
•The day he does walk through that door both come running and don’t leave his side for a week
•Both of them sleep curled up next to/ on Wash. Ari sleeps on his chest Skyler inbetween his leg
•When Wash is woken up by nightmares they two cats are there to calm him, knowing that he’s in a sensitive state
•Ari likes to jump in the bath when Wash is in it
•They both follow Wash around the house to make sure they don’t leave him again
•They sleep in his shoes to make sure he can’t leave (credit to @officialagentmaine for this one)

Church’s speech really hit me. Over 13 years we’ve seen him across pretty much every dimension. Watching him build an identity outside of what the director did to him that caused him to kill himself inside of Wash’s mind. Seen him prove that he’s more than just a copy of the director, more than just the alpha ai. We’ve seen him through the good and the bad, the “I hate my team” to now “I will die for them.” Now all of this personality, all of what made Epsilon more than just a copy. Everything that made him the asshole he is. Gone, so he could save his friends. Excuse me while I go cry.

A look into the complicated brain of Agent Washington

Lets take a walk down memory lane to how he was during Project Freelancer. He was huge dork. There is no “formal” way to put it the man was a dork. He acted like the new kid, and was treated accordingly. He was eager to do things. He was a high ranking soldier but was not taken very seriously, case and point York’s comments of “You make things worse.” and “Are easily the worst on the team.” He may have been joking but Wash’s body language showed that he didn’t take it that way.

Epsilon killing himself inside of Wash’s head, along with a few other things basically rewrote his personality. We don’t really seen any of Wash after Epsilon, but before he was sent to blood gulch. However we do get a scene right before he’s sent to blood gulch. Where he is speaking to the director about something never happening again. There Wash does not speak with much emotion, like he is reciting something from a script. I believe it is implied here that some brainwashing, and manipulation went on while was was in prison.

We see this personality change very strongly in the Recovery One miniseries. He has to detonate North’s armor after North is killed by the Meta. Wash shows very little emotion towards this, despite North being one of this closest friends during PFL. His lack of emotion is shown again when he kills South.

We see the “cold” and “ruthlessness” side of his personality more in the seasons 5-10. Most notable in season 8 where Wash becomes one of the main antagonists, along with the Meta as they take over Valhalla

Once it dives into the chorus Trilogy things start to be a bit different. While he still is a little cold and hard headed. Wash takes on his responsibility for the blues.Leg day, and training were a thing he did it in the best interest of his team. He starts to banter with Blue team a bit more

In seasons 12 and 13 he starts banter more, and even begins to show small bits to his dorky pre-epsilon self. He shows that he really cares about his crew, asking if someone has made Caboose and lunch and making sure he’s taken his meds. As well and giving a small pep talk to the the crew before the crew went up against Hargrove.

Wash may not be any where close to man he was before Epsilon, but he sure as hell has come a long way since.