Lydia Inspired UK Friendly Cardigans by veterization featuring a green top

Eastex purple cardigan, $29 / Kaliko blue cardigan, $29 / EAST green top, $38 / Linea green top, $41 / Linea purple cardigan, $41 / VILA open front cardigan, $35 / MANGO long sleeve top, $26 / ONLY white cardigan, $45 / MANGO white top, $45 / John Lewis long sleeve cardigan, $44 / Cutie knit cardigan, $30 / MANGO cropped cardigan, $15 / MANGO pink cardigan, $15 / Uniqlo cardigan, $30 / Vero Moda 3 4 sleeve top, $30 / ONLY white top, $27 / Red cardigan, $27 / Blue cardigan, $27 / VILA grey cardigan, $27 / Zalando purple cardigan, $26 / Dorothy Perkins cardigan, $24 / ONLY white cardigan, $15 / Long sleeve cardigan, $20 / Open front cardigan, $20 / Boyfriend cardigan, $20 / Pink cardigan / Pink cardigan / H M cotton cardigan, $15 / Green top, $15 / Red top, $15

Nicolen’s lovers chart. I couldn’t resist making another character map, hahaha! She’s been quite busy, but even if she has a kink for species with head-tentacles there’s only one with that feature! D: I can also spot a lot of good opportunities for new threesomes, heheheh~
Pink line = crush/love
Black line = hate/anger
Red line = have banged

Clam Bake par angiemine213 utilisant jupe noire ❤ liked on Polyvore

Hauts à manches longue, 563.140 IDR / Kaliko blazer, 627.980 IDR / Vero Moda jupe noire, 433.090 IDR / Isabel Marant chaussures à talon haut, 4.980.515 IDR / Coast pink handbag, 1.190.995 IDR / Allurez halo diamond engagement ring, 41.143.400 IDR / Bijoux de perçage, 64.965 IDR / Monique Péan handcrafted earrings, 73.729.100 IDR

war-of-wrath asked:

Oooh, can I also get a "hot damn"?

Certainly! :D

Khorin rates people
Vic: Ahh, Vic, I gotta admit it to you, you’re pretty much the perfect kind of a big guy I like. I mean… you’ve got size, you’ve got skills, you’ve got charm. You’re a bounty hunter. I like ya. 10/10 would definitely bang again anytime.
Tal'vrei: Another handsome big guy with impressive scars. Just let me know if you’re ever up for anything, ‘cause 8/10 would bang.
Kaliko: You really look like my kind of a woman. Really digging your shapes. We should get to know each other. 7/10 would bang.
Julien: I hit on you once on a bar, and that was before the beard. The beard has done miracles to your face. 7/10 would bang.

Taryxor rates people
”Anyone who is not a pureblood does not deserve my attention.”
Sarvis: Ugh. You have absolutely no grace, terrible fashion sense and a less than pretty face. You get  3/10 for looking somewhat good in battle.
Sarian: What a regal looking pureblood. You look very powerful and respectful. 6/10

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