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Merry Christmas, lionheartedqueencaroline!

      AU ↝ Chicago, 1920s. What was intended to be a run-of-the-mill night out on the town for Elijah and Klaus didn’t quite turn out as planned. Klaus was captivated by a woman too stunning for words, and Elijah crossed paths with the girl he hadn’t stopped thinking about for centuries on end.
        After a few drinks, some dancing, and a little romantic banter, Klaus and Caroline were drowning in one another’s presence. And at the end of the night, they slipped between the sheets, and by morning, Klaus realized that the wolf in him might have found a mate.
        On the other hand, Elijah found himself hit by an emotional tidal wave when he found Katerina Petrova, the woman he had never quite been able to shake, lurking in the shadows. And in spite of everything, Elijah was never able to hold a grudge against his Katerina, and after a kiss on the forehead turns into something more, neither could be more pleased to wake in the same bed.

       "Care for a dance?“
      Caroline clicked her tongue, giving him a once-over. His suit fit sinfully well, and he had a light dusting of stubble along his jaw that she wouldn’t mind running her fingers along. "I was wondering if you were going to stop staring and say something.”
        A wolfish smile spread across Klaus’ lips. Caroline thought that those dimples might have been the end of her.
       "What can I say? I enjoy looking at beautiful things,“ He teased, lacing his fingers between hers and pulling her into the dancing crowd.


       Katherine jumped, whipping around only to come face-to-face with the man she had once, and maybe still did, love.
       She let out a shaky breath. Perhaps it was the hurt in his expression, or the way his eyes reflected that his feelings for her had never once wavered, but something had her tumbling into an apology. “I’m sorry.”
Her eyes stung with tears, and she squeezed them tightly shut. She felt his hands come to cup either side of her face. “I’m sorry, Elijah. I’m sorry.” And then his lips were on his forehead.
      “It’s okay. Katerina, it’s okay.”
      “I’ve missed you, Elijah.”
      “And I you, Katerina.”


Klaroline AU Week: Fall 2016

Day 1: Fusions and Crossovers 

➵ Downton Abbey

It’s 1912, and life in the Edwardian country house of Downton Abbey is idyllic and bustling for the Crawley family. Lady Katherine and her sister, Lady Caroline, find themselves entranced by not only the two Mikaelson Lords, but also their beautiful and lively sister, Rebekah.


My edit - Klaroline & Kalijah 

The one where Elijah and Katherine try to convince Klaus and Caroline to go out on a double date. Klaus has no complaints, but Caroline isn’t having it. 

“No, Katherine,” Caroline shook her head emphatically after cutting her eyes at the two men by the hotel lobby. “Absolutely not. I’m not going to play the third wheel just so you can go out with some random guy you picked up on the street. Again." 

"I have you know he’s a very distinguished man and I met him on a very distinguished street,” Katherine affirmed, wrapping an arm around Caroline’s shoulder. “Besides, you won’t be the third wheel. He’s got a brother,” she sang out while tossing Elijah a big smile. 

Caroline took another glance at Klaus. He caught the blonde looking his way and grinned widely. 

Caroline scoffed and rolled her eyes. “Knowing my luck, he’ll turn out to be some psychotic, homicidal freak." 

"Guess we’ll find out soon enough,” Katherine said, pulling her friend along. (x)