i know parents day has been out online for a while, but now that it’s aired on TV i can finally post a few drawings of enid’s family!
this is one of my fave eps i’ve worked on, it’s got almost everything i like in it! im a huge sucker for vamp/werewolf couples and halloween in general. i was sooo excited when ian n toby first mentioned enid’s fam being universal monster types, and i’m real thankful i got the chance to help come up with them!

@dannyducker designed enid’s adorable witch self, and all the plaza parents you saw at the beginning!!!!
we threw doodles at each other for enid’s mom n kinda figured it out together-but we were pretty much on the same page from the beginning. danny really solidified her look with all the input we gave each other tho. i designed enid’s dad!! we tried looking for kinda old-fashioned names similar to enid’s for her whole family that we thought would fit, and ended up on wilhamena and bernard.
enid’s Brother was originally just one [1] slime boy in the outline……..but i wanted him to be more like a classic halloween creature. i couldn’t decide on a little frankenkid or pumpkin head, so i just did both and made them twins (if it wasn’t obvious, we just named them boris and icky cuz of boris karloff/ and ichabod crane loooool)

i also designed the ghosts spanky and crudde [kudos to @cartoonfuntime for naming them!!]! i dont have any concept doodles for those guys since i just went with the first thing i drew-which is basically what you saw in the ep. we don’t have much time to do concepts so we often kinda have to go with gut instinct and jump into thumbing everything out! @juliasrednicki and @brandonwuart did the beautiful final designs for the whole crew. they really actualized them and added all these really pretty details, they both went above and beyond!! and @kalidraws as always, decided on the colors for EvEryOnE and EvErythinG!!! so props to all of them!!
anyway i hope u enjoyed enid n her scary fam! i already have more doodles piling up to share later, and will probably keep drawing them forever 🦇🐺🎃🤢


Parents Day finally aired on TV in time for Halloween!!! Pretty much my favorite episode, I loved working on this one sooo much. @stevieborbolla and @dannyducker went above and beyond to introduce Enid’s family! @brandonwuart designed the other half of the family, @kalidraws did all the character/prop color, and John Pham art directed this beautiful episode! Hope everyone enjoyed it! 


 “You Have to Care” just aired last night and I can finally share one of my favorite episodes from OK KO! I felt a special connection to this episode because Elodie was one of the characters I had gotten before I was hired as a freelance character assignment. Elodie’s character was a lot simpler back then so it was really cool to be able to work with @stevieborbolla and @dannyducker and Ian to do a revamp of Elodie’s design. Originally she didn’t have an involvement with Enid so this new development called for a revisit of her character!  I didn’t quite have a handle on how complex our props could be so I was really excited to also design a new bow for her!  I can say that I was clearly inspired by  Madoka Magica and general Mahou Shojo anime!

Colors by @kalidraws Art Direction by John Pham


Some panels from my new-ass book FANTASY SPORTS 2: The Bandit of Barbel Bay. Who’s the bandit? What’s a barbel? Are there more shapely butts?The answers lie within. It’s 48 pages but the pages are big and you know there’s a million panels per page. Not enough? My wonderful wife @kalidraws colored the intro.

Some press:

A standout among youth graphic novels that earns its ample, varied appeal.


Bosma could have simply mirrored Wiz’s first, successful outing, but instead he introduces Wiz’s back story, moral complexity, and mystery and leaves the ending unresolved, making this second volume more substantial than the first. Bosma’s anime panels are polished, with movement and the right amount of intricate action-adventure frames. Fans will be breathing down Bosma’s neck for the third.
—Kirkus Reviews

Bosma’s good-hearted and beautifully drawn sequel once again mixes high fantasy and sports drama […] [Fantasy Sports 2] carries a similar message of the power of unity and friendship in the face of anger and miscommunication.
—Publishers Weekly

…exploring more substantial thematic material adds even more depth to an already rich series.
—The AV Club

Sam Bosma is a genius! Fantasy Sports is the perfect mix of everything you could ever want in a comic! I am in love!
—Rebecca Sugar, Creator Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe

[…] there is no good reason at all for you to not get this delightful book and give it to a kid who loves comics or your local library, or keep it on the shelf to re-re-read from time to time. […] oh my goodness can Sam Bosma tell a story!

You can buy it in stores on the 19th and buy it from Amazon RIGHT NOW. If you haven’t read the first volume, that one’s good too. 

sammers091302xoxo  asked:

Do you have any art accounts you really recommend?? I really love Sarah! She's so cute

haha do I ever, I’ll make you a list, I follow so many artists though so I’ll try and narrow it down

@andatsea ,@andiree , @annaxiin, @anonbea, @aqvarelles, @artofpan, @babsdraws, @batcii, @bevsi, @cassandrajp, @celialowenthal, @charliebowater, @choodraws, @chuwenjie, @claystorks, @crowry, @cy-lindric @danarune, @em-niwa, @fionastaples, @fresaie, @galaxyspeaking, @hannahchristenson, @hvit-ravn, @jenniferhom, @jmeemarie, @joy-ang, @kalidraws, @leppu, @linneart, @loish, @lowlighter, @meabhd, @mimiadraws, @minuiko, @mmcoconut, @norhuu, @orokay, @palchidirenna, @perplexingly, @pheberoni, @phobso, @rynezion, @samanthamashillustration, @sandflakedraws, @sarakipin, @seventypercentethanol, @siranea, @staceyleephillips, @strangelykatie, @theminttu, @tinypaint, @tir-ri, @toerning, @turndecassette, @uzlolzu, @vickisigh, @viivus, @vinnie-cha, @viria, @wakaju, @walkingnorth, @ziegenkind,

And thank you!!! I’ll be drawing more of Sarah! If you have any prompts feel free to send ‘em in <3 <3 <3


It was so much fun to redress so many main characters and side characters for Plaza Prom! Wish I could post more than 10, but these are my favorites. It was especially an honor to take @brandonwuart ‘s beautiful Raymond design and turn him into Elvis based on Stevie & Danny’s amazing dance sequences. Colors by @kalidraws and art direction by John Pham! Also I think Drupe’s heels in this ep are the first time Kali made the choice to give a character Louboutins. She’s done it for a few characters since and I love it every time!


Just wanted to post some of the design work I did for one of my favorite episodes! Amazing work from @scrotumnose and @haewon-lee on boards and designs i feel like I’ve watched this episode 10 times by now and I’m still excited by it! Dave did some great takes on our characters in the Captain Planet style and I touched the drawings up with help from our art director John Pham who did a pass on them, he’s super knowledgeable about that era of cartoon realism!  The crew put a lot of effort and heart into this crossover and I hope you can enjoy it too! Colors by @kalidraws and art direction by John Pham.


Loved working on Back in Red Action! @miraongchua and @parkersimmonsyall did an amazing job with this ep! I had the opportunity to do a new design for Red as well as ½ the hue troop based on Mira’s BEAUTIFUL concept drawings (and boards!), which you can see here! I wanted to show the lineup Kali created with the whole hue troop based on Mira’s size comp - @brandonwuart did the final designs for Green and Yellow, and all the colors are by @kalidraws as always! Red’s social media pics are all straight cleanups of Mira’s drawings, but I wanted to add a bunch of extra thumbs for her profile (even though it’s only on screen for a few frames…!) This ep also had CG vehicles, so Brandon and I ended up doing elevation drawings based on @parkersimmonsyall‘s vehicle concepts! It was tough to do such a weirdly flat and precise turn but they got the job done. Art direction is by John Pham!


Work I did for Back in Red Action! @miraongchua designed the amazing hue troop and @parkersimmonsyall designed the vehicles. I did the model sheets for  Yellow Technique and Green Guts and @juliasrednicki did the rest.  It was an intense episode because the vehicles would be done in cg so we needed to change the way we did the model sheets to fit a cg pipeline. The lineup and colors were done by our colorist @kalidraws! Also the one Red Action selfie was done by Julia as well! This was a tricky but fun episode to work on so I hoped you all enjoyed it!

art direction by John Pham

Hello friends!  I see that some of you kids have been writing these “follow forever” lists lately, and since I’ve discovered so many inspiring artists and met so many lovely lovely pals on this website, I thought I’d throw my hat in the ring.  

Please check out these wonderful people and/or share this if you like!  Spreading the love for 2014!  (I wish that rhymed)



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PALS I’VE MET ON TUMBLR (and/or instagram and/or twitter)

I really hope I’m not forgetting anyone but I probably am…

bennieandjojocatanderson26 ( inthequietinthecrowds ) • elizabethconworthylemonhelenaoftroyhotjuliachildinthecitykerriganslilybeansmommylittlemessythingslushveganlifemissanneventuresnobunnyluvsyoupoehlerizationrachelsuefernandezrachelupshawsamtazticserigraphicshmandyfacetackybangstorisandifer

I hope you all have a very festive and sparkly new year and I will be back with more drawings (and prob a giveaway) as soon as I can!


I’m trying to catch up on everything that’s aired since Friday! Here are some of my designs from Second First Date! I really enjoyed spending time with the middle school characters again. @miraongchua did the concepts for baby middle school rad & also Enid & Rad’s date battle outfits! She also came up with those amazing parody manga covers, & I did my best to reference the originals especially in the title design. @cartoonfuntime drew all the middle school/high school children for the date sequence! They were so fun to draw! Colors by @kalidraws and art direction by John Pham!


A bit late but I’m finally posting my stuff for Parents Day. It’s one of my favorite episodes and the work that @stevieborbolla and @dannyducker did was amazing. Credit goes to Stevie for doing the original concept/design for Bernard, Enid’s dad! I’m a big movie monster fan so this episode was a joy to work on I’m glad that it’s finally out in the world!!

Colors by @kalidraws art direction by John Pham.


A selection of work from the episode that aired recently “We’ve Got Fleas” Credit goes to @miraongchua for the cute drawings of Baby Teeth that prompted their redesign. Also @cartoonfuntime for their amazing work designing the trio as animals as well as Mikayla. The Mikayla model sheet is almost a straight cleanup of her work!  

Colors by @kalidraws Art direction by John PHam


Here are some of my designs from One Last Score! I had such a good time working on @scrotumnose‘s idea for a Cutey Honey/Lupin III/Rouge the Bat inspired young Ginger. I put a lot of love into her design & collaboration with Dave & I’m so happy with how everything turned out! @brandonwuart designed her trusty sidekick, & S/O to our post production editors who did an amazing job plussing the sequence! I also especially loved translating @haewon-lee‘s Ginger w/her Marie Antoinette disguise into a final design because her board drawings were perfect. Ginger was one of the pilot characters I redesigned before I started on OK KO full time, so it was very cool to see her star in her own episode. Art direction by John Pham, & @kalidraws doing a killer job with the colors as always!