Hey Guys!

As you may know I’ve been raising money to make a donation towards Night Vale by doing small bust sketch commissions. Already in just a week of doing this I’ve raised $200!!
Commissions are $10 for a bust sketch and $5 for extra characters.
100% of your money gets donated back to Night Vale

EMAIL: kalidewild@hotmail.com with “HELP NightVale” as the subject and let me know who/what you would like commissioned and I will give you more details.

I would really like to reach the $250 mark, as that’s the minimum donation to get an audio thanks from Cecil and I thought that would be nice since I’m not taking any profit from this. ;;u;; Once I’ve reached $250 I will probably only do a few more to make up for Paypal fees and exchange rates. <3 Lots of thanks to everyone who is supporting me with this!


If you don’t know already; the Night Vale crew were hired to come to DashCon and were not paid for their hotel, flights and everything else. Due to this recent event I would like to make a donation to Night Vale crew! Night Vale is a really important show to me and I am forever grateful to all the hard work they do to give us this show for FREE!
Now I would like to give something back!

I’m offering up $10* bust sketch commissions of Night Vale related things!

All of the money made will go towards a donation to Night Vale!! You get some cool art from me and Night Vale crew get to know that we really do appreciate their hard work they do for us fans!

I’m hoping I can give at least $50!! More would be nice but I am a busy full time student I’m doing this out of love for the show. If you can’t afford to give anything then please signal boost this!

EMAIL: kalidewild@hotmail.com with “HELP NightVale”  as the subject to get a commission and more details about this!


*I put the price up a little because I’ve been getting a lot but I don’t want to stop the commissions from coming entirely



Prices are in $NZD so don’t forget to convert to your currency!

Half Body $25+
Extra character = $10

Full Body $40+
Extra character = $15

Backgrounds $10-$80+
I don’t charge for basic coloured backgrounds, such as the drawings in the body examples. So if you want a background in your commission, depending on the complexity of what you want, we will have to discuss a price.

More details on how to commission me are under the cut:

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