Polaroid-style badges for Kalida and Fink, whom my wife and I had the pleasure of spending time with at FC this last weekend, and showing around some of the fun places in San Jose!

As before, if you’d like a badge of your character (or of yourself, I can do people too, if you’re not super into the furry thing), they’re $35, and you can get one by dropping a note in my ask box or emailing me at hello@dawnchapel.com!

Gruppo Sportivo - Live At Paris Theatre 1978 - Nights At The Roundtable: Concert Edition

Gruppo Sportivo – Live At Paris Theatre 1978 – Nights At The Roundtable: Concert Edition

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Gruppo Sportivo – Loopy from the Netherlands.


Gruppo Sportivo – Live at Paris Theatre – 1978 – BBC In Concert Series – BBC Radio 1

Gruppo Sportivo have been around since 1976. A Dutch PopBand, who’ve had a few hits early-on in the U.S. in the late 70s. They were characterized as a sort of spoof-on-rock,…

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Oru Pakka Kathai Teaser 

Starring Kalidas Jayaram and Megha Akash and Directed by Balaji Tharaneerathan

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