Whatever you do do not imagine:
Taiyang trying to get his rambunctious girls to settle down after a day of fun,
Klein tucking Weiss in because her parents are fighting again,
Kali and Ghira wedging a tiny happy Blake in between them because she loves books already,
Mama Arc addressing a pile of EIGHT happy lil babies,
Ren and Nora maybe saved up money to buy a book all for themselves and no one else,
Mama Nikos holding her baby girl all close and snuggly because she loves this story,
And all of them are reading the story of the old wizard and the four maidens and none of them have any clue how much it’s going to fuck with their lives in the future I’m not crying you’re crying

  • Kali: So you're Blake's boyfriend?
  • Blake: Just a friend.
  • Sun: D:
  • Kali: Oh, come now, Blake, he seems wonderful.
  • Sun: I do?
  • Blake: He does?
  • Kali: Oh, he's so sweet and funny, though.
  • Sun: Oh. Why thank you.
  • Kali: And he's so handsome.
  • Blake: MOM.
  • Kali: And that six pack. Mmmmmmmmmm... Yeah he's a good one.
  • Blake: ........
  • Sun: ........
  • Ghira: .........
  • Sun: Hey, Blake, would it ruin my chances with you if me and your mom-
  • Blake: Yes. Yes it would.
Gdy był biedny, zawsze sądził, że pieniądze są w stanie zmienić wszystko na lepsze. Wystarczyło je mieć, by słońce świeciło jaśniej - innym blaskiem, którego nie są w stanie dostrzec biedacy. Teraz wiedział, że słońce jest jedno, a wiele czynników składa się na sposób jego odczuwania, którego nie zmienią pieniądze.
—  Marcin “Kali” Gutkowski - “Krime Story”
roz.29 - “Lep”

Also on Ghira and Kali being the first happily married couple we’ve seen in canon (if Tai ever married Raven they’re p much divorced, Summer’s dead, assuming he married her, Jacques and his wife always argue)

I’ve noted Jacques wears what appears to be a wedding ring, but Taiyang hasn’t been shown wearing a ring

Neither Ghira nor Kali wear rings either, and they don’t seem to share any other symbols of marriage, so these are my possible conclusions

-Menagerian weddings are different and rings are not traditional
-Wedding rings are not common/not considered important in Remnant
-Rings are an Atlas thing
-The Belladonnas only occasionally wear rings
-There is another indicator of marriage we haven’t picked up on

Honestly the list goes on, I just thought it was interesting