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I really like the introduction of Sully, and I agree that his relationship with Sam had no problems, it was pure affection and care. However, I cannot get it out of my head how, once Sam told Sully to leave, Sully went to care for another child who ended up dead, so the sister of the child took revenge and killed two zannas, thus traumatizing the children of those zannas. The relationship in itself was pure, but the end was sad, so very sad. :(

Well, it wasn’t Sully’s fault that she acted out like this. He was scared and didn’t want to hurt her even more, so he retreated from an active life as a Zanna. He didn’t know what to do and this girl, obviously, couldn’t cope with what happened. Yeah, she traumatized a lot of children, though actively only one of them witnessed directly what happened. The mermaid’s kid never saw her, the last one’s Zanna didn’t die, so it’s not as bad as it could have been.

I fully agree with this being a very sad story though, but I loved the effect Sully had on Sam. Finally someone he could open up to, someone who cared for him and put Sam’s well-being - physically and mentally - first. That was surely what he needed and it makes me so sad that Sully is gone now and Sam is back on living without this support that could make his life so much better.

Jeritan Hati

“Allah membenci sifat sombong, tapi aku senang menunjukkan sesuatu yang indah.”

“Allah membenci sifat senang dipuji terhadap sesuatu yang tidak dilakukan, tapi aku mendapati diriku senang dipuji.”

“Allah membenci segala amal perbuatan yang tidak di ikhlaskan untuk dirinya. Tapi aku sering mendapati diriku melakukan sesuatu hanya untuk kepentingan dunia”

“Jika nabi Ibrahim sangat menyesal karena pernah berbohong walau hanya tiga kali dalam hidupnya, aku malah mendapati mulutku sudah mengucapkan hal dusta yang tak terhitung jumlahnya.”

“Jika Siti Aisyah menyesal hanya karena mengatakan “Shafiyyah si pendek” yang dapat membuat warna laut berubah. Lalu bagaimana keburukan yang keluar dari mulutku? Mungkin bisa membuat seisi samudra menjadi hitam pekat.“

"Jika imam syafi'i mendapatkan bencana dalam ilmunya hanya karena tidak sengaja melihat betis wanita, lantas bagaimana denga diriku yang justru merasa mendapat nikmat walau tidak diunggkapkan”

Aku takut diriku akan celaka nanti…
Hatiku terus menjerit…
Aku manusia yang masih jauh dari baik… Penuh kekurangan dan khilaf…
Namun masih saja mengharap surgamu…

Astagfirullahu wa atuubu ilaihi~

🍂Semuanya kuserahkan hanya kepadaMu🍂

Kenapa ingat Allah ketika bersedih? Karena ketika sedih merasa sendiri. Bingung harus bercerita dengan siapa.
Maka ingatlah Allah ketika sedih maupun senang. Berserah diri dan tawakallah hanya kepadaNya.

Kenapa ingat Allah ketika sakit? Karena ketika sehat bisa membuat lupa segalanya akan nikmat Allah.
Ketika sakit dosa kita dihapuskan.
Ingatlah Allah ketika kita sakit maupun senang.

Kenapa ingat Allah ketika susah? Karena ketika sudah merasa senang membuat hati, pikiran dan semuanya lupa.
Lupa akan nikmat yang telah diberikanNya.
Jangan !
Ingatlah Allah baik dalam keadan susah maupun senang.
Apapun yang terjadi tetaplah ingat Allah.
Bertawakallah hanya KepadaNya.
“Dan kepunyaan Allah-lah apa yang ghaib di langit dan di bumi dan kepada-Nya-lah dikembalikan urusan-urusan semuanya, maka sembahlah Dia, dan bertawakallah kepada-Nya. Dan sekali-kali Rabb-mu tidak lalai dari apa yang kamu kerjakan.” (QS. Huud: 123). Yakinkanlah hati kepada Allah.
Semua apa yang terjadi adalah kehendak dan rencaNya. Jangan berputus asa.
“Jika mereka berpaling (dari keimanan), maka katakanlah, ‘Cukuplah Allah bagiku, tidak ada Tuhan selain Dia. Hanya kepada-Nya aku bertawakal, dan Dia adalah Rabb yang memiliki “Arsy yang agung.”(QS. At-taubah: 129). #semogabermanfaat #berbagisemangat
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You’ve come to the right place! We are the premiere Martial Arts school in the Portland area, serving Tualatin, Lake Oswego, Tigard and our surrounding neighbors. Are you ready to embark on a journey full of dynamic experiences, new adventures, incredible workouts and most importantly the education you deserve? Read on below to find out more about our school or click the links in the navigation bar to the left to head straight to the class of your choice. 

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We don’t simply offer the most well rounded curriculum of any martial arts school because it’s trendy. This is our passion and myself along with our entire staff of professors and coaches made it our mission to travel the world and source the very best up to date material around. Because of this you’ll find a higher degree of safety and community that most school’s can’t match. Classes for every skill level, with opportunities to better yourself every step of the way. Whether it’s working in class with partners, attending seminars with world class experts, or competition, you’ll find it at RCW. 

Which path will you choose? 

- Kali & JKD - Kali refers to the “bladed art” and features all manner of handheld weaponry. Under the Inosanto method students learn 12 key areas of blunt, sharp, and projectile tools. Dan Inosanto is our chief instructor who is the heir apparent to Jeet Kune Do, Bruce Lee’s art and philosophy. Tailored for MMA and street self defense, it has an unrivaled depth of efficacy that can’t be matched, it’s basically Krav Maga on steroids! 

- Gracie Jiu Jitsu - Pinoeered by Helio Gracie and made famous by his sons who conquered the world in both Vale Tudo (no rules) and the UFC. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has taken the world by storm. Because it uses principles of leverage and skeletal positioning it’s indispensable for anyone of any size, shape and age. It’s a great work out that teaches you how to neutralize any opponent on the ground. 

- Muay Thai - Known as the art of 8 limbs because of the use of knees and elbows, Muay Thai is more than a kickboxing sport. It’s the national past time of Thailand and rich in culture. It is also a military art and rapidly puts together devastating combinations from Boxing, Kickboxing, and clinch work. A Muay Thai class will get you in shape, fast! In a typical hour we usually burn 800-1000 calories.