kali method


Wisdom and grace from the living legend Dan Inosanto. He was Bruce Lee’s foremost student and graduate in Jeet Kune Do. In recent years his Kali and Escrima information has been often imitated and rebranded by his critics. Make no mistake, Guro Dan is the back bone of Filipino Martial Arts in this country and abroad. Without him several methods of Kali would have been lost or forgotten. He has been training in a steadfast manner since 1955, and has seen everything.

Guro Inosanto will be visiting the Portland area for a workshop on October 3rd and 4th. Over the next few days I’ll be throwing out some tributes to the 79 year old living legend, starting with this interview. Stay tuned for some real unknown gems while I hound my senior instructors for secret information.

At River City Warriors in Tigard we are proudly the only recognized school in the area teaching JKD and Kali. We fully promote and offer the Inosanto curriculum of Jeet Kune Do under our head instructor Guro Chris Clarke and the NW Kali program. This very specific curriculum is usually poorly imitated, at RCW we help people get fit, learn self defense, and gain skills that will last a lifetime. It’s more than martial arts, it’s a lifestyle. Come check out a class and start your journey in JKD today.


It’s that time again for another episode of Kali Method life.  Episode 6 covers surfing and seminar with Sifu Dieter Casier and other members of Kali Method Belgium group, garage training at Sifu Tim Tackett’s garage in Redlands, CA led by Sifu Jeremy Lynch, Pangamot seminar by Grand Master Dong Meyong, circuit training at Dong Meyong’s backyard, Grand Master Atillo of Balintawak seminar and Kali Method’s California Tour Seminar (San Diego & Los Angeles).