kali blocker

We recently took some pics of a beautiful Mother/Daughter duo who we met at one of our Natural Hair events. Here are a few words from the little goddess:
“I am so happy that my mother wears {her hair} natural like mine. I have been bullied a lot about my curly, big hair. In school, they would make jokes about my hair because most of the girls have straight or stretched/loose hair. I ignore their comments so that they don’t make me feel sad… because my hair is pretty. I really like my hair.”
-Jenielys, 9 years old from Bayamon Puerto Rico

Photo by: Kali Blocker for Diosas al Natural

Creative director: Kali B / Edit by: Joaquin M


This circuit is crazy, but it gets your muscles percolating in all the right places! Ivan will have you looking focused in the gym! We don’t make excuses, we make it happen!

Kali Blocker co-creator of Diosas al Natural with “Big Chop” girls.

Diosas al Natural

Photo by: Joaquin Medina / FOTOSbyJOAQUIN / Puerto Rico

Creative director: Kali B / Edit by: Joaquin M