kali awakening

finnrey drabble: love

Finn loved Rey from the second he saw her, but he didn’t realize that fact until much later on. He knew from the beginning not to cross her the wrong way, as he had earned a firsthand interaction with the end of her quarterstaff for doing so. Even so, he still wanted to be near to her and stay with her whenever possible. She became his closest friend, and he became hers.

Finn realized he loved Rey when he was forcing himself to leave her. Seeing her hungrily devour food in Maz Kanata’s castle like she had never even eaten a full meal had broken his heart. Telling her who he really was had only broken it further. He loved her.

Rey knew she loved Finn after their escape from Jakku in the Falcon. The feeling of excitement and adrenaline flowing through her veins was something she rarely experienced, and it made her see this stranger she barely knew in a whole new way. She didn’t know she was Force sensitive just yet, but she felt something connecting them in a way that made her want to just pull him into her arms and stay there for as long as possible. She loved him.

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