Changers Chargers Changing the World for the Better

Changers Chargers Changing the World for the Better

Changersis the name of a new portable solar charger producer that has a very lofty but honorable goal. It aims to make this world a better place by fighting against climate change. We all know that solar energy is probably one of the cleanest form of energy out there but haven’t solar chargers been around for a very long time? Well, yes but Changers has a little something extra up its sleeves.…

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And They're Off!

You heard it here first, folks. The US devices are out of customs, into our Los Angeles warehouse, and should be arriving ANY second at your doorstep. We can’t wait to see the energy from across the US!

Watch this video to discover how to unbox your devices, connect your Kalhuohfummi to your computer, and register on the community!

What's in a name?

A heroic battle, a legendary ship, and an auspicious island. These are the symbols that began as the basis of the devices you now know as Kalhuohfummi and Maroshi. They may be hard to pronounce at first, but once you know the history behind the names, it will all make sense. The story begins further away than you may think…

At Changers, we were inspired by the history of the Maldives and the great lengths the Maldivian people went to save their livelihood. In the 16th century, the Maldivians were confronted with the struggle for freedom against the Portuguese. They built a ship, named Kalhuohfummi, to help them face the legendary battle. The body of the ship was built on the C-shaped island of Baraah, and the sail was made on the island of Maroshi. On Maroshi, the vessel was also filled with fresh water for the soldiers.

Today, our fight against climate change is just as important as the fight once faced by the Maldivians. Global warming is responsible for a slow but unceasing rise of the sea level, threatening the very existence of our survival. We must fight against a superior enemy, just as the Maldivian soldiers once did using the same vessel: Kalhuohfummi.