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Day 24: your favorite 10 people right now and why

this is going to be hard but whatever… no particular order :’)

  1. Kaley - because even though she lives 2 hours away and I don’t reply to her a lot (LOL) she’s still one of my best friends that I can crawl to via phone call or text when I need help or if I just can’t contain anything you know. The way she laughs is literally THE BEST and I honestly miss hearing it like.. everyday.
  2. Vy - because she’s been considered one of my best friends ever since freshman year, even though we don’t talk as often during the school year, we’re very close and can always pick up where we left off no matter what :)
  3. Anna - because she is one of my best friends that has the capability of doing one thing that will make me laugh until I cry. We have this type of sense of humor that no one really.. gets, except for us. I can talk to her about anything and she can talk to me about anything and she easily makes my day.
  4. Merielle - because even though we’ve been through a lot of things LOL she’s still a best friend of mine since the 6th grade. We have a lot of inside jokes and I can tell her pretty much everything. If she ever needs anything then I would try to do anything to help her because she’s the best.
  5. Heather - because she introduced me to my ultimate best friend, Jennifer, her mom. LOL just kidding. Because Heather is my best chingu. Lunch with her is the best because we spend our time laughing and talking about our lives and korean boys and idols. We never really run out of things to talk about and I tell her almost everything too.
  6. Sana - because she is literally the best person to talk to about pretty much anything. We especially talk about One Direction and beauty gurus on youtube HAHA oh man, I always get distracted in school talking to her.
  7. Patrick - because freaking duh he’s been like my best guy friend since we were 5. We’re family friends and our mom’s are so close and my brother and his brothers are close, too.
  8. Humza - because he’s one of my best guy friends too like I’m so glad we got closer this year because we talk about everything, too. He’s just so honest with talking about anything, it’s like he has no filter. I feel like I can’t go a day without him talking about girls LOL.
  9. Wild Ones - I don’t talk to all of them but I’m grouping three together. Shawn because even though we barely talk, he’s a really great friend/older brother that I can come to when I need help. I’ve told him things that most people don’t even know and he’s a nice person. Joe because he can honestly make me laugh anytime. He is literally so funny and he can make my day instantly. Michael because we’ve gotten closer, I don’t even know how. He’s so funny, too, and I also can tell him anything. We talk about a lot of random stuff.
  10. MOB - Dylan because I’ve known him for a while and he’s someone that’s just so fun to hang out with and to talk to. Ricky because he’s so fun to mess with and to tease LOL. Brandon because he’s my dep gai yeppeo kpop star partner in our Brandlyssfinite band and he can make my happy just by simply saying “Don’t be sad” LOL :) Randy because he’s a nice person to talk to about anything even though I will never play games with him ever again. Cristian because he is really funny and such a nice person and can easily make me laugh. Ethan because he’s so cute.

Yes I didn’t follow the rules of 10 people but whatever.

I wanted to include others but ughh I couldn’t.. Sorry! :(

Rather than always being hurt: Myungsoo

The night was cold and still outside of Infinite’s practice room. His breath and yours frosted up in the air. It had to be done eventually, and right now seemed like the perfect time to tell him.

The cold air stung your cheeks. You took a deep breath and looked up at Woohyun towering over you. His face showed concern, and you almost hesitated.

“I.. have a question…” your voice was starting to crack.

His eyes pierced into yours, “Go ahead.”

“Do you like me?”

You scrunched your eyebrows and pinched the bridge of your nose. Looking straight forward, noticing the details in his jacket and scarf hanging from his neck, you didn’t dare to look him straight in the eye after that was said.

Hands were placed onto your shoulders and Woohyun pulled you in to his arms. A smile grew upon your face. His embrace is just what you needed in this cold, winter night. Everything felt in place.

His voice vibrated in his chest,

“I don’t feel the same way.”

Your heart collapsed, and your grasp on him loosened. It was like the world was crashing down. He was still holding on, and you just wanted to break away from his misleading gesture.

Finally, you let go, and you walked away to the bench beside the two of you. He followed and sat right next to you. His elbows were resting on his knees as he leaned over, staring straight forward at the empty street.

“But, why not?” there were so many questions you wanted to ask, “Why would you act like this towards me, why would…”

“I really didn’t mean to mislead you like this…” he murmured, “I guess my friendship and kindness to you translated differently than how I meant.”

You looked over to him, still staring straight forward at nothing. He couldn’t even look at your face, “So all the things you’ve said, I took them the wrong way?”


Pulling your bag over your shoulder and readjusting your scarf, you stood up from the bench and turned towards him.

Closing your eyes, you took a deep breath, “You know what? Just… You can—”

“Just take care of yourself, ____-ah,” he cut you off, “I’m not the one you should look at.”

With your shaking heart, you clenched your hands into fists by your side. Tears started to rim your eyes.

“Goodnight, Woohyun.” you told him as you turned around.

You felt each step as you walked away. It hurt that each one was one step farther away from him. With him not in your sight, tears started to roll down your cheeks. Pulling your jacket sleeve over your hands, you wiped them away. You turned around the corner to go back inside the practice room to see if anyone was still there.

He was supposed to walk you home.


You entered the empty practice room. Deciding to go wash up in the bathroom first, you walked inside.

Each step you took echoed in the vacant room. Your reflection appeared as you looked up into the full length mirrors. Nose red, eyes were swollen, and lips were chapped. You continued to walk away.

As you turned into the next hallway, you fell into the arms of someone who was walking straight towards you.


In the middle of apologizing, you looked up to see Myungsoo’s worried face.

You immediately looked down, but he took his hand and held your chin. With teared filled eyes, you tried to catch focus on his face.

“Gwaenchana?” Myungsoo asked as he looked straight into your eyes.

You bit your lip. Closing you eyes, tears started to flow down your cheeks and on his hand. You took the ends of your scarf and wiped away your tears on his hand.

“I’m so.. stupid.”

He let go of your hands and wrapped the scarf back around your neck, “We can go back to my place and talk about it.”

Myungsoo was your best friend, after all.


You entered his room first and he turned on the lamp beside his bed. Putting your purse down at the beside table, you sat down next to Myungsoo, who was leaning back on his arms.

“I asked Woohyun like you suggested for me to do…”

“Ah…” Myungsoo uttered, “He.. doesn’t like you?”

“No, I took things the wrong way,” you said softly, almost to yourself, “like always.”

“I’m really sorry,” Myungsoo told you, you felt his stare even though your view was straight forward, “I shouldn’t have suggested for you to ask him..”

You turned to face him, “It’s okay, I had to do it eventually,” tilting your head, you let out a reassuring smile, “Don’t blame this on yourself.”

He let out a small sigh and collapsed on his bed. He pursed his lips and you could see the reflection of his ceiling fan in his eyes. Myungsoo looked deep in thought.

The atmosphere was left silent and all you could hear was each other’s breath. Flashbacks of what just happened kept appearing into your head, and tears started to fall again as you buried your face into your hands.

He stood up from his position and wrapped his arm around your shoulders, “Don’t cry, please…”

With those words, you started to cry even more. Pressure in your throat started to build and you eventually had heaving sobs. Even though you felt completely ridiculous, he pulled you in closer to him as he stroked your shoulder.

Everything just felt so right, yet so wrong at the same time.

He started to let go, and he laid down on his bed. Giving him room, you laid down right next to him.

“Everyone has to confess eventually, right?” Myungsoo asked.

Your eyes were staring deeply at the ceiling, with nothing to look at, “Yeah, I actually would rather hurt from taking the chance than to not take the chance at all.”

You looked over and saw his chest expand as he took a deep breath. His head was resting on his hands.

“I’ve… always liked you, _______…”

You almost stood up, but you stayed laying down on his bed. Not knowing what to do or to say, you stayed silent. Your heart was being pulled and your hands that were resting on your stomach started to shake.

Memories started engulfing your mind about all the times you’ve shared with Myungsoo.

You got used to being just ‘best friends’, even though he adored the little things you do and noticed things about you that you didn’t.

All these thoughts rushed in your head, but you didn’t keep him waiting for too long.

“I like you, too.”

The iron grip of desire you had on Woohyun let go and held onto Myungsoo. The incident was erased from your mind as you began to get lost into a world where only you and Myungsoo exist. You faced toward him, and looked right through your tearful lashes. The light from the lamp skimmed over his hair with brown flecks shinning through.

Lying on your side, resting your head on your bent arm, you were caught into a trance from your eyes being locked onto Myungsoo’s. You felt his breath blow upon your eyelashes and his lips were slightly apart. Your eyes scanned down towards the neckline of his low cut v neck, exposing his sculpted chest that caved in perfectly.

With your heart beginning to pick up its pace, you slowly took your finger and traced every single ripple of his chest.

Your eyes gradually opened to look up at him outline the rim of his lips with his tongue. His eyes trapped you into a hazy gaze.

Myungsoo extended his arm over and placed his hand on the small of your back, pulling you in towards him for a tighter and closer embrace. His hand slowly went up and his fingers slid through your hair, grasping the nape of your neck. He drew your head into the crook of his neck.

You felt his pulse racing with yours. You wrapped your arm around him and clutched onto the back of his shirt. Being so close to him, the warmth of his breath, his body, and yours made up for the cold night outside. You were pressed against his milky, white skin. You could smell the cologne that was left over from the night, lingering between the two of you.

The two of you began to breath harder. Looking down, his collarbones were in your view, accentuated by the shadows. He gulped, and your eyes caught a sight of the beginning of his jawline extending out against his skin.

He whispered in your ear, “I don’t want you to be hurt again.”

You felt the vibrations in his neck as he spoke.

“With you, I don’t think I will be.”

You wrapped your leg around his and rolled on top of him as you straddled on to his pelvic bones. Sitting straight up, you looked right at him. He propped himself on his elbows to look at you. You laid over with your arms around his body.

You forced your hands between the bedsheets and his back, grasping onto him as you laid your head on to his heart beating chest.