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AHH! its finally done!! here’s the preview/prologue that shows how Hide and Hiroki meet 😄 for my first foray into comics, this isn’t so bad (i hope)

this will be available as a physical printed mini zine at my conventions this season, but kickstarter backers also get a copy automatically ✨

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finally finished these, the main cast of 1989nk aka my precious brain children

in order from top to bottom

Hiroki ⭐ ひろき

Hideyuki Inoue ⭐ 井上英之

Jirou Watanabe ⭐ 渡辺次郎

Retsuko Nanaba ⭐ ななば れつこ

Panpan ⭐ パンパン

these’ll be available in my store as acrylic standee figures fairly soon along with other 1989nk merch for convention season !

likes are appreciated but reblogs are what will help this lgbt+ positive series reach its target audience, thank you all for your hype so far ❤


Are Gohan’s Muscles Possible For Real Kids?

New Video for those who happen to give a F*ck. Gohan, one of the most ripped muscular children in Anime History from the series Dragon Ball Z. 

But are his muscles possible for real life children?

Can kids train hard with exercise without damaging themselves and become buff like their favorite superheroes doing a Dragon Ball Anime workout. 

Well today we take a look and analyze how attainable is Gohan’s physique.