kalel kitten

Let’s face it, a day will come where

Phil run out of stories

Dan will say his last reasons why Dans a fail

The cube smp members will do everything possible on the cube and get bored

Tyler will stop caring about celebrities

Anthony and Kalel will get married have children and stop vlogging

Smosh will run out of ideas

Joeys vlogs will be too repetitive so he will stop

And the worst of all

I will grow up and stop watching their videos, I don’t want it to end, I don’t want to grow up, I like it how it is now, but I will grow up and move on but I will never forget the people who put a smile on my face every single day, the people who helped me find myself, a girl never forgets her first crush, she never forgets the people who gave meaning to her life

This photo isn’t mine, but it is extremely powerful.
I get so happy every morning to watch YouTuber. I’m grateful for them. People who say “you care for someone you don’t even know.” Piss me off so much. They try so hard to upload the content they show us, they put their heart and souls into their work. I’m so happy these people are alive. They give me a reason not to harm myself, or doing anything bad to/for myself. Thank you YouTubers, you’re truly amazing.


This year, for Bi Visibility Week, I’d like to take a step beyond simply recognizing that Bi and Pan and Sexually Fluid people exist. After all, we all exist on the sexual spectrum, and sexual fluidity shouldn’t just be reserved for one small part of the population.

That’s why I asked a few of my friends a very simple question: “Is there anyone you’d go bi for?” To my surprise, I got a lot of really great responses from a bunch of awesomely open-minded peeps (whom you may recognize). 

Take a look at what they said!