Time, space, feeling, being
Until we
Aren’t breathing
So much as sharing
Life’s breath of love
Between two bodies
Sizzling connection
Heart’s beat
Love’s blood
Pumping into you
And out of me.
Inhale me
Taste my intoxication
Get high on the excess in my eyes,
The tang of lust dripping
From sultry fingers alive.
Exhale your
Relief into my lungs
Give me your wordless narrative
In punctuated sighing gasps
And fervent release.
There is no end
To where you meet me.
An infinite loop of finite moments
Strung together seamlessly
A tapestry to worship
The endless wonder of stars
That burn in our wake.
The pull of our gravity
Cannot release care
Of our heart back to me
When your orbit
Takes you out of my reach.
Yet still my soul reflects
The brilliant heat
The eclipsing glory
Of a love burning us to the ground.
Rise from the ashes with me
I beg of you
Shake from your beauty
The dust of a life lived in vain.
Raze memories of the past
To the very quick
Raise the ocean of your gaze
Drown me in your depth
Until the oxygen of your tears
Baptize this weary soul
Lending it cause to breathe life once more.
I will tangle the essence of me
Throughout the presence of you
Until separate we cease to be.

© Courtney Turley 2015