kaleidoscopic dream

People fall out of love as easily as they fall into it. Who knows when you’ll wake up one day and realise that it’s all just been a drag? I’ve told myself since the beginning that if we ever do part, I will be strong and accept the truth. But the farther I fall into you, the further I leave my confidence behind.

And now, if you ever leave, I will ground my knees into the dirt and scream for you to stay.

No longer. We are no longer.

But guess what, darling? I didn’t mourn after you the way I thought I would. No, the opposite.

I had found myself in Him and that transcendeds anything that came from you. Lies, truths, half truths, half lies; the echoing doubts that flew around in my mind that I have now began to realised that I never believed at all.

Instead, when the time came, I ground my feet into the dirt and told you with shoulders back that it was time for you to leave.


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A list of debuts, comebacks, and promotions the admins have planned for the months of April and May. Some debuts may depend on the number of members we have in the debuting group, and comebacks may depend on what the model group releases within the months.


01. BKB, unsorted trainee / debut under construction!
*02. Mirage, Daydreamers / debut with “Wee Woo!”
*03. Kaleidoscope, Dream Crew / debut with “Happiness!”
04. BKB, silverBEAT maknae / solo debut with “Don’t Say No!”


01. Kaleidoscope, female soloist / comeback with “Make Me Love You!”
02. Prime, AEON / comeback (speculated) under construction!
03. Mirage, mystery6 / comeback under construction!
04. Kaleidoscope, A-Team / comeback under construction!


*01. RHYTHMS, casting call / casting for W: Two Worlds begins!
*02. BKB, casting call / casting for Doctor Stranger begins!
03. company TBD, casting call / casting for Train to Busan begins!

We look forward to beginning the first of our events from the opening of our blog!

*These events will only occur in the months of April/May if a significant number of already-canon participants are present in the RPG. For example, Daydreamers will not debut without approximately half of its members, and casting will not occur without approximately half of the main cast specified in events pages. For more information, contact the admins.

Our Little Person

A/N: HEY LOOK LILY ACTUALLY PUT A FIC UP. We were crying out for more parent!phan fics let’s be honest. That’s my excuse anyway. I was inspired by my absolute favourite piece of phanart I have ever seen (x) by phantheraglama. Also, this is kind of like a cutesy filler fic before I post something not so cutesy and much more gritty and all that fun stuff. Anyway, enjoy!

Title: Our Little Person

Genre: Pure fluff/slight angst/parent!phan

Description: Dan has 3am cuddles with their favourite curly-locked little person in the aftermath of a spat with Phil. Fluff and adorable conversations ensue.

Word Count: 2490


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