kaleidoscope colours

she searched
the meandering
road in life
for the perfect
shade of love
to match her own
stumbling through
the roughest terrane
leaving no stone unturned
until she came upon one
whom she simply adored
tripping over his story
that was etched within
his apparent sin
and his many shades
of slate and grey
from a life led

while in her eyes
he was a treasure
a prize beyond measure
an illuminating jewel
placed upon a stool
to be admired
she tried to carry him
the entire way
in hopes to convey
the depth of her love
but his weight was waning
draining her
a great burden
with his lack of colour
he began to pale
her strength
so she ever so gently
and lovingly
placed him aside
as she quietly cried
and with her wounded feet
she walk the road

most of the time
off the beaten path
for she was enchanted
by the earthly bounty
it’s kaleidoscope of colour
immersing herself
in peaceful meadows
filled with vibrant
wild blooming flowers
that towered overhead
in her eyes view
they were simply radiant
full of charm
and could never
cause her

so she thought…

until close enough
to finally touch them
to hold their tender stem
where she was often left
herself depleting
by their unseen thorns
her fingers torn
each bloom would hide
the moment she tried
to grasp too tightly
for she always seemed
or so they told her
to love too

so with
wounded hands
she got up to stand
observe the road
set before her
and proceed
one step at a time
to once again
walk alone
yet still
all she desired
was to find and absorb
deep into her pigment
that precise
shade of love
that might mend
and blend with hers
without her own
vibrant essence
fading away

if only
she would pause
for a moments rest
reflect on all she’s seen
drink awhile from the stream
of self acceptance
parallel to her life path
that flowed tirelessly
it’s current softly
quietly rambling
the encouraging words
that she never

if only
she would gaze
for a brief moment
make the connection
see her own reflection
in the water below
that she might know
her colour alone
the shade she was
far too willing
to give away for free
to the ones too blind to see
who never chose to stay
much more than a day
that her shade of love
was above all
‘perfect’ on its own
from the very start
even when

her perfect shade of love


emergency chapter 4; read on ao3 here

Nursey doesn’t want to talk about it. Well, he does, hereally fucking does, but the idea of saying it, of finding the right combination of words to make Dex really understand how much he means to him…it’s daunting.

Light splashes across his room, illuminating his walls and leaving a kaleidoscope of colour against Dex’s skin. Nursey feels bad, momentarily, for watching Dex while he sleeps but, considering he woke up with the other boy pressed tightly to his side, one arm flung across his chest, Nursey gets over it. His head feels fuzzy, his mouth even more so, but the desire to stay in bed–to enjoy this while it lasts–overrides the part of him that wants to hunt down ibuprofen and brush his teeth.
Dex shifts and his head is on Nursey’s shoulder; Nursey sighs, shuts his eyes tightly, before looking up at the ceiling in defeat. He can feel Dex’s breath against his jaw, he can feel Dex’s pulse against his heart.

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I just arrived back from Holland. Long road, long sigh at being back home.
I am still revealing in Castlefest bliss. it really is such a magical gathering of tribes and vibes and I am so happy I could be there again this year! It is incredible to be part of something so special.
A kaleidoscope of costumes and colours, spirit dancing with friendly strangers who don’t seem like strangers anymore afterwards, stomping the ground to some of the finest music that has graced my elf-ears in a long while, meeting new friends and laughing with old, peering at wares made with love and wrought with spirit, eating delicious food, bathing in a well of inspiration, a deep breath of clean sparkling air for my soul. But all words still fall short of describing the wonder and magic of Castlefest. I ache for it and hope to be back again next year <3


BE ETHEREAL, BE DIFFERENT : They were raised in a strange household; or really - it was nature who reared them, not human convention or societal restraint. Wild child, with eyes azure like the sea at low-tide, hair silver-gold like the moon in its fullest form, scarves and bare feet, tangerines and wildflowers. Nova Lovegood belonged to no order, no restraint. Loose dresses and wire-rimmed glasses, a voice soft like the cooing of birds, words a babbling brook. You don’t make sense, darling. But what is sense if not understanding of all that surrounds them? They didn’t need understanding, and in their childhood obscurity, they didn’t need rules either. No one had ever called them tainted before these shining, ancient halls. No one had ever thought them irregular, sensational, dreamy. The world passed in kaleidoscope colours, and in between those shafts of tinted sunlight lay their happiness, as carefree and boundless as the reach of the forest, the height of the mountains. They were a child of the earth. They would not let war destroy its beauty.

these fading scars

by englandziam

Pairing: Zayn/Liam

Word count: 33,336

There is sunlight glittering over his skin and over the sheets, flickers of various shapes painting a kaleidoscope of bright colours over the contrast of tanned skin. He can’t stop staring, unable to move his eyes from the cut of Zayn’s jaw, the freckle displaced in the hazel of his eye.

Nimble fingers as they slip beneath the duvet, the intriguing tattoos painted along his arms. 

Liam is convinced he’s never seen anyone so beautiful, even in his two hundred and twelve years of existence.

Or a Vampire!AU in which Liam falls in love with a human.

Thank you to @so-very-asleep for the awesome art!  ❤️

fatale-distraction  asked:

Dust motes, authors choice

The hall had gone undisturbed for years. Though it was filled with broken wood, chipped stone and the smell of decay, the remnant of an ancient majesty long forgotten hung in the air. Sunlight shone through the stained glass at the end of the hall, causing kaleidoscopic colours to dance alongside the spiralling dust. As her eyes swept the chamber, Cassandra could feel it bristling with history… and potential.

It was here where they would make their stand. It was here where the Inquisition would truly be born.

From this moment forwards, everything changed.

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it is a neon-lit dark alley where I live, a kaleidoscope of colours bouncing off the walls and into one another - Blinding sparks. Scorched spots. Choking smoke. The police on patrol appears at the mouth of terror only to be devoured by the hungry fire. Ashes as confetti for this unplanned party. The teens in their drunken stupor, hold their bottle by the neck and speak into the mouth, telling stories and plans to the dark, glad now that the weight of their world is lifted, there is room for more happiness.

you’re a kaleidoscope of colour
colours green, purple, and blue
of every kind conceivable,
each version, shade, and hue.
and I believe you live a life
that’s not enjoyable to you,
because you see only the monochrome,
not the rainbow of you.
—  “things I wish someone had told me so I could’ve fallen in love with myself before asking other people to #1”