kaleidoscope collection

Kaleidoscope: Shinkai Hayato

Third installment in the collection! Warning for very brief violence (not explicit, but there’s a little talk of blood).

Shinkai liked to think of himself as peace-loving. Not a pacifist, not really, but he enjoyed peace. He enjoyed when his interactions with others could be harmonious, full of light-hearted jokes and good cheer.

The taste of blood in his mouth and his knuckles aching, he was rapidly reassessing this whole “peaceful” approach.

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Benoit Peverelli

Julio Le Parc’s Kinetic Energy

The 86-year-old Op Art legend brings his kaleidoscopic vision to a collection of one-of-a-kind silk scarves for Hermés.

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Kaleidoscope: Makishima Yuusuke

This is the first installment in the soulmate AU gift collection! It turned out quite long, so I’m throwing it under a read more, my apologies to mobile users! Hope you enjoy!

It wasn’t supposed to happen like this.

Makishima had been convinced it wasn’t going to happen at all, but never had imagined it like this. It was far too humiliating.

He kept his eyes shut, feigning sleep as the voices chattered around him quietly–the nurse, Tadokoro, and one more. One that was unfamiliar still, one that was the cause of his currently pounding, aching head, the painful pressure at his temples that was starting to recede with the help of the painkillers the nurse had given him.

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Kaleidoscope: Arakita Yasutomo

This is the final installment! I hope you’ve all enjoyed the collection~

There was a new face at his usual spot.

Arakita figured he fed around a dozen cats, give or take, at this secluded corner of the park every few days. Sometimes the numbers were different, but he knew all the cats by sight. This one he had never seen before. Not to mention it looked considerably more well-groomed and well-fed, so it had to be someone’s pet who got loose.

“Here kitty,” he said automatically and the ones closest to him meowed plaintively, rubbing up against his legs as if they thought he couldn’t see them. “Not you guys, get off! Jeez!”

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Kaleidoscope: Midousuji Akira

Fifth installment of the soulmate AU collection!

Some people didn’t have soulmates. Some people went through without seeing that magical brightening of colors when they were near, instead seeing the world in the softest and most subtle of hues, the neutral static of black, white and grey.

Some people didn’t have soulmates, and Midousuji was fine with that. Color would distract from his goals, after all. He didn’t need it.

So he was wholly unprepared for it when it happened.

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Kaleidoscope: Toudou Jinpachi

Only two more installments in the collection after this!

Toudou had been patiently waiting for his soulmate to reveal themself ever since he learned about how he would see in brilliant color when he was with them. It had been years, but he knew they would be sure to meet in the most perfect of moments. He wanted to go to the very top of the mountain peaks he had claimed in his races, and see it all in the new light they would share.

It would happen beautifully. So he had been waiting.


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Kaleidoscope: Kinjou Shingo

The second installment of the soulmate AU collection!

“Kinjou, you know you can just send one of the first years if we really need supplies,” Makishima said. His voice was more nervous than chiding, and when Kinjou looked over he could see the worry in his eyes that didn’t carry over properly to his face. “There’s no need for the captain to go to the trouble.”

“It’s fine,” he said. “They need to get their rest.”

“And you don’t?”

He noticed a spot on his glasses and slid them off to wipe them clean on his shirt. It had nothing to do with avoiding Makishima’s gaze, he told himself. “I’m the captain,” he responded fluidly, fully aware that it didn’t answer his teammate’s question.

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