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Looking for artists to check out or follow? look no further! here’s a huge ass list of super good artist blogs I follow!





































































































































and also… feel free to check out my sketch blog, @sketchyspleen

I hope you all have a good day!!


Fun things are a happening :D

I really hope I can paint more stuff traditionally this year. It’s one of the most relaxing things to do.

Also! If you want some more constant updates on what’s going on with me arts, or you’d like to see some more process pics like these, go over to my instagram!


A little reminder of the One thousand and one Knights project that I’m going to be a part of!
I know the Kickstarter is going to start soon so if you haven’t you should definitely hop over to the official one thousand and one knights tumblr and check out the amazing work that all the artists are doing!

Alright everybody! This is going to be a small trial run! :DIf it goes well I’m going to get more stickers (and maybe some postard-sized prints?) of more of my artwork!I got a small amount of these bad boys selling for $5 each.
(they’re 3’‘x4.5’’)
Includes shipping!
Also! comes with a small surprise sketch made by me!
Shoot me an e-mail to: kalegiro(at)gmail.com and we can talk some business!


Adding some final details :D


Lately I’ve been working on a little personal concept art project.

It’s based off of a D&D campaign a few friends and I are currently playing. It’s a fun Sci-Fi kinda deviation from the traditional D&D :D I’m very excited about it because it’s like the second time I’ve ever played D&D. 

Anywhoo, the top robo-silhouettes there are my character: B.O.R.O.N.