“The two girls in Diddy Dirty Money are ugly”

“Nah. Dawn from Danity Kane is pretty but the other one is hit!”

-___- The negativity that comes out people’s mouth is ridiculous!

Kaleena is GORGEOUS to me & I’m happy Diddy added 2 dark skin African American woman to his group. It shows that beauty isn’t only light skin!

That’s her and her husband ! 

Socks are my favorite thing to knit, especially for other people. I think they’re the most caring thing you can knit for someone because you’ll spend up to weeks working intricate cables into them that’ll be destroyed in a year or two because your person wore them to bits. And it’s okay because you’ll just make them another pair and holey socks mean that they were loved.


A short film/MV by my sister Kaleena.

Inspired by Nujabes

Song: Folklore- Nujabes

Actress: Yen

I <3 it!! Makes me so happy

R.I.P. Seba Jun


Just a little project my sister had to do for school. It’s pretty dope, check it out.