kaleb a hazen

X-Men: Deadly Genesis

Sketches of the X-Men to appear in Giant Size X-Men. I used actors as a reference for each character. I wasn’t trying to get an exact likeness, just some features to work off of. 

For Wolverine (Logan) I obviously used Hugh Jackman. I honestly don’t think I could see anyone else playing him. 

Next is Banshee (Sean Cassidy). For him I used Norman Reedus from ‘The Boondock Saints’ and 'The Walking Dead’.

Below him is Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner). Anton Yelchin was my reference for him. Most recently seen in 'Star Trek’ and 'Fright Night’.

Next up is Storm (Ororo Monroe). The actress Lauren London was my reference for her. See her in 'Next Day Air’ and 'I Love You, Beth Cooper’. 

Lastly in this set is Colossus (Piotr Rasputin). Armie Hammer from 'The Social Network’ was my reference for the Ruskie.

This is my take on Goro. I originally tried to work with the idea that he is described as being half dragon, but after a few sketches I decided to use the face and body style, which I always really liked, that appeared in the 1995 film. I added a few bumps and ridges to his face and made the legs a length that fit his elongated torso a little better. As for costuming, I decided to go with a gladiator look for him. Something about his character and personality made me think that look would work for him. The equipment was inspired by the series “Spartacus” along with other equipment and costuming I found in searches on-line.