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Comfort food required. I will call it a small victory that I find kale and avocado more comforting than cake! #comfortfood #kale #kalesalad #avocado #dukkah

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Can you do 1D as parents?:p

Liam: voted president of the PTA because Louis wouldn’t run. Too serious for his own good. is thrown cake in the face a meeting out of two.

Harry: insists about baking kale cakes even though everyone asked him not to.

Louis: throws the cake.

Niall: comes for the free snacks, no one knows if he has a kid in the school.

Zayn: complains about everything all the time and leaves the meetings early.

this one is a collab between @taggiecb and myself.

imagine bucky in this au okay (basically the world is in black and white until you meet your soulmate and if they die it goes back to black and white IDK MAGIC)

and basically bucky’s life has ALWAYS been in color and when he’s in germany everything just sharpens suddenly and he almost passes out from how vivid the world is.

and the whole world is horribly black and white whenever they take him out of cryo for assassinations, and even when they unfreeze cap his world is only slightly saturated because he can’t remember who it was that brought the world to color.

and when he sees steve for the first time he pauses because the whole world is in that weird stage between greyscale and color but steve is so full of color it almost hurts his eyes and he can hardly stand it.

and the color is starting to bleed through again until they wipe him and then the world is so black and white there almost isn’t any grey.

and when steve whispers “i’m with you til the end of the line” in the helicarrier he explodes in color again and it’s starting to bleed into the world around him and so when he falls bucky barely hesitates before following after him.

imagine bucky wandering around alone while the world slowly bleeds back to color as his memory returns and when steve opens up his front door two weeks after he and sam start hunting bucky down the world just bursts in color and bucky just cracks a weak little smile and says.

“til the end of the line, huh?”


If you live in Bristol, pop by Spicer and Cole in 2015. I have four commissioned artworks on their walls, each piece is based on the different kinds of food & drink that Spicer and Cole have to offer. 

This project was deliciously torturous. Drawing cake for hours on end is probably the most fun I could have with my drawing glasses on, but this combined with a weekly dose of The Great British Bake Off meant that my mouth was having an imaginary party for all of summer/autumn 2014… (It was great)


My First Birthday Party!, Part 2
(Parts 1 and 3)

No birthday party would be complete without cake! Mommy made me a cake as big as me, with layers of strawberry, apple, carrot, red-leaf lettuce, dandelion greens, kale, and radicchio–all my favorites!! (She wanted to put a big dandie flower on top, but she could only find fluffy white dandelion seeds.) I was so excited that I forgot to swallow half the time!

Bridezilla (Niall And Liam)

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You were going to kill them. You had 13 bridesmaids and 2 maids of honour and you were starting to wish you had all guy friends. It was the rehearsal, it was just the groomsmen and the bridesmaids. This was the night before your wedding and you were beyond stressed. You were so stressed that you couldn’t even enjoy how hot your fiance looked from his place at the end of the aisle. You couldn’t even enjoy the moment. Your best friend and another friend of yours were fighting over some stupid he said she said with one of Liam’s groomsmen. The moment you lost was when you saw one of the girls walk half a beat off the music and the other mentioned something about her being able to walk correctly if she was able to close her legs. Liam could see that this was building up that’s why he was none too shocked when you stood up on a bench in the garden “Enough!” You shrieked seeing Liam making his way over to you as he wanted to calm you down. “Slutty!” you pointed at your best friend and your other friend “and Sluttier I swear to all of the holiest subjects on this earth that if you two fucking ruin my wedding because you’re too busy with your damn Slut Wars to pay attention I will personally- ” “I think it’s time to get you out of here…” He chuckled, he was embarrassed and quite frankly, glad his parents, your parents and older family members were not in the garden at the time, and you were suddenly being carried off by the man you’d agreed to marry. “Liam put me down!” you sobbed as you began to glare at your bridesmaids. 

He set you down on a bench in a separate garden, “I want to go back.” you said firmly.

“I don’t think so, that was some speech…. slut wars, very inventive” he nodded and chuckled a little

“Liam Payne.” You stood up and pked his chest “This is not funny. I will not have my wedding ruined by the two of them… it’s a simple walk. pause. walk pause.” You began to rant “I cna’t do this and you think it’s funny and I just can’t !”

Liam placed both hands on your shoulders “Hey. Hey … Shh…” he  wasn’t use to this side of you and he did NOT like it…but  'for better or worse’ right “Tomorrow. We are getting married. This isn’t some fashion show. It doesn’t matter because at the end of the day…tomorrow is about you leaving that garden tomorrow as husband and wife.”

“You read my romance novel didn’t you” You joked finally calming down a bit enough to smile

“You wouldn’t know if I had babe,” he smiled glad he’d gotten you to smile before he pecked your lips “Now come on, we need to do damage control bridezilla" 

You gasped "I am NOT a bridezilla!” as you laughed and walked back to the garden to apologise


It was a double doozy. 10 months into planning your perfect wedding that was to come in 2 more months you got pregnant. Pregnant. This ruined everything, of course you were excited about your baby…but you were already stressed and NOW your dress would be too small and you were going to have a heart attack. You were on a diet, like you were eating but you were watching what you ate. “Kale Chips?” Niall raised an eyebrow at the snack you were eating on the way to the cake shop You nodded “They’re delicious.” and popped another in your mouth

“Princess what the hell is Kale?” He asked as he parked. He understood your stress about the dress but you were only going to be 2 months it wouldn’t be that bad. “You’re going to deprive our kid, He can’t come out liking stuff like Kale it’s unnatural.” he kissed your cheek and got out of the car before opening the door for you. “Now come on (y/n) we have cake to pick” he helped you out of the car before wrapping his arm around your waist and placing a hand on your stomach which had yet to start showing. "Oh no no no. You have cake to pick" as you two walked into the cake shop. It was a cute shop where your family had gone to repetitively when you were younger. Your family had this reputation for ordering cakes from there and YOU were not going to be the acception 

“But you raved about this place, you’ve been looking forward to this for months.” He continued

“I can eat cake on oour wedding day, after I’ve already gotten into the dress” You said as the baker you’d been talking to for months now came out and talked about how glad she was you’d continued in the family tradition and blah blah blah…you weren’t ignoring her but you were really focused on the cakes and the smell and how you couldn’t have any. You popped another kale chip into your mouth.

She then had a platter of samplers brought out. You’d told her you wanted a white chocolate or strawberry or mixed white chocolate and strawberry cake of elegance. You didn’t know that was going to require so many samples. There were at least 45 there and you just sorta stared. The baker left you and Niall to your testing and it killed you to watch him taste each one… compare…and taste again. Each time he said come on babe try it… you would simply smell it to give your opinion and held back from absolutely going off on him. Then when the baker came back and asked about your choice he said “I think I’ve got it narrowed down to 8.”

You raised an eyebrow “Well we can’t have 8 so you’re going to have to pick one.” “Babe this would be easier if you just let the diet thing go and have a taste….” The baker chimed in in a cheery tone. “A couple of nibbles won’t make you gain anything.” she smiled  “You can’t smell cake to know if it taste good or not,” he picked up one of the small sample cakes that he’d been stuck on. “Come on (Y/n) just-” “Niall NO!” You finally shouted blame it on the hormones, or the stress but you just totally lost it “I will NOT just TRY IT! I have 2 months to stay this size maybe a little smaller. I have to LOOK PERFECT. I want my dress to fit. Don’t spin any crap about how I;m going to look perfect regaurfles. My dress that I had ordered for my body at THIS size as it is RIGHT NOW might not even fit…..and I just. I just…” you started sobbing “I just want to help pick our caaaaaaaaaaake” and cried into Niall’s shoulder before looking up at him “I’m sorry you” sniffled “Both of you” The baker accepted your apology and Niall just hugged you"I know, I know baby it’s fine…“ he had gotten use to your mood swings as of late but the baker seemed terrified.  "I really want some cake” You said quietly “We’ll get you some Kale cake” he joked but you looked at him seriously “Do they make that” “(Y/N) no… what the hell is Kale…” he frowned  “I guess…I could just help you pick our cake” “That works too…” He smiled  taking a sample cake and feeding it to you “How is that?” You savoured the bite before deciding “I don’t think I want to try another one..that’s the best cake I’ve ever tasted in my life.”

Boyfriend and I made up a recipe for kale, and garlic potato cakes (saw a picture somewhere a bit ago of some but couldn’t find then again) with some vegan franks buffalo ranch dip and fuck they are good.  And look at the schemer of sauce, fancy as fuck.

For the cakes you need:

  • 3 large potatos
  • 2 flax ‘eggs’
  • 1-2 cups cooked Kale 
  • Garlic (To taste, I use A LOT) 
  • 2T Vegan butter 
  • Unsweetened almond milk 
  • Salt  (to taste
  • Pepper (to taste)
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

-Boil potatoes until soft -in a large bowl beat together potatoes, v/ butter, almond milk, garlic, flax eggs 

-Mix in kale and seasonings

-Heat oil in pan on medium/medium high (just enough to coat the bottom)

-Form potato mixture into cakes and place in oil, wait till bottom is browned then flip until other side is browned and crisp as well.

For the sauce:

  • ½ cups vegan sour cream (I use Tofutti brand)
  • 1-2 T Veganaise
  • Dry ranch mix (add to taste)
  • Franks buffalo sauce (add to taste

-Mix that shit together and let sit for a bit

Parmesan Crusted Kale, Leek and Potato Cakes with Red Quinoa and Meyer Lemon

This was my delicious lunch today. These were amazing! They kind of tasted like a healthy  version of tater tots, only better. This is one of those dishes where every bite you go, “Mmmh! Ohmygodisthisgood, mmmpfh” And then you devour it. I’ve been trying to eat nutritious food in order to be cured from a cold. The Kale in these crispy treats was grown in our back yard garden. I love growing winter vegetables. Rain + Seeds = Free Food.

For this dish I combined ¾ cup leftover mashed potatoes with thinly chopped leeks (white and lightest green parts only, sliced in half first and rinsed to get rid of any sand and dirt, then sliced crosswise) and 2 cups blanched kale, which I rinsed in a mesh strainer then pressed out all the water from. I mixed this with 2 eggs, 1 minced garlic clove, ½ tsp dried dill, ½ tsp flour, and salt and pepper. I pressed the patties in a ring mold and then dusted them with a combo of bread crumbs and grated parmesan cheese before frying in butter & olive oil. I cooked red quinoa on the side, and dressed the whole plate with a giant squeeze of fresh Meyer Lemon juice, also from our back garden. These were so much more tasty than I thought they’d be. Did I mention that this was delicious?

Happy New Year Tumblrs! Please have the Best and Most Fun Year ever!