kale and carrot salad

Grabbed an early dinner with my sister at Whole Foods! I got a gingerberry kombucha and a big salad (garlicky kale, grilled tofu, black beans, corn, Mediterranean chickpea salad, rainbow carrots, green beans, and brown rice)

those broccoli was absolutely ugly, but delicious at the same time ahaha

dinner was lettuce, raw kale, carrots, cherry tomatoes, corn, chickpeas salad + boiled (horrible) broccoli + hummus, everything seasoned with evo oil, salt, pepper, parsley + wholemeal bread

Mmm gettin my veggies in after a 8.5km morning walk 👏🏼
Baked potatoes, quinoa, roasted carrots, fresh kale salad with a blob of Moroccan pumpkin hummus and a lemon wedge #vegan 🍋

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ok here it is!

What I ate today 

~spinach, strawberries, mango, and pineapple smoothie with maca powder and seed & root powder (I made two batches)
~chia pudding with frozen blueberries on top(mix chia seeds with almond milk and vanilla extract, set in fridge overnight or for at least 25 minutes) 

~Salad: kale and spring mix, red peppers, spiralized carrots and cucumber, with dollops of red lentil hummus (made with red lentils instead of chickpeas), topped with hemp seeds
~farmers market berries + 3 large pretzel rods broken up

SNACK: (not shown)
~Veggie-Go “Tropikale” fruit leather + nut and seed granola bar 

~Sauteed veggies (broccoli, carrots, peas, green beans, red peppers) with a small amount of coconut oil, almond milk, and curry powder. Topped with hemp and sesame seeds 

~banana “nice”cream sundae (frozen bananas, 2 pitted dates, vanilla extract) with cacao nibs and frozen raspberries