kaldur 'ahm



Stephan James as Kaldur’ahm/Aqualad

Keith Powers as Wally West/Kid Flash

Santiago Segura as Connor Kent/Superboy

Kiana Lede as M’gann M’orzz/Miss Martian

Lana Condor as Artemis Crock

KJ Apa as Roy Harper/Red Arrow

Lashana Lynch as Raquel Ervin/Rocket

Carmen Solomons as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl

Cameron Boyce as Garfield Logan/Beast Boy

Ryan Potter as Tim Drake/Red Robin

Stefanee Martin as Karen Beecher/Bumblebee

Sinqua Walls as Mal Duncan/Guardian

Neslihan Atagül as Zatanna Zatara

Mimi Elashiry as Cassie Sandsmark/Wonder Girl

The Great Barrier Reef

Pairing:  Kaldur’ahm x reader

Relationship: Friends then relationship

Request: Nope

Plot:  Reader is Poseidon’s child and is introduced to Kaldur through Cassie and Kaldur learns reader had never actually gone swimming in the ocean despite wanting to because of overbearing mother and promises to show them the beauties of the ocean. Set post-invasion so Kaldur and reader are twenty one years old.

Key: [Y/N] = your name, [E/C] = eye colour, [H/C] = hair colour, [H/L] = hair length, [H/N] = hero name, [F/M/A] = favourite marine animal.

Words: 3,011 [I really didn’t mean for this to be that long. I got out of hand]

A/N: I wanna tag @memento-scribet because they said they wanted some Kaldur! Hope you all enjoy it. This is also my first time not using female pronouns, I’m trying to be a lot more neutral with my writing so I’m sorry if I messed up. 

They could remember the day their life was turned upside down, they had known something was off when their mother had set them down on the sofa with a worried look on their face and how they wrung their hands together in nervousness and scratched at their skin, a nervous habit that they had picked up when living with her ex-husband when he questioned her and shouted at her. [Y/N] remembered the shock that spread through their body and how they froze as they processed what was being said.

But, they remembered being happy. Happy that they were finally learning the truth about their father and who they were, why they could do things that other people couldn’t and happy that they weren’t as much as a freak, but rather a demi-god.

At first it had been hard to wrap their head around, it was hard to process that their mother, their mother who was as simple and as normal as they came, working a nine to five job to provide for the two of them and who had a love for the mundane things in life like gardening or spending the day in the day reading a good book, had fallen in love with the Greek God of the Sea (they also found it hard to process that God’s, plural, were real) and had a child with him, that they were said child.

But all that shock was thrown out the window and replaced with new shock and confusion when Wonder Woman walked into the living room from the kitchen, accompanied by who [Y/N] recognised as Wonder Girl, having been there the entire time and the reason their mother had decided to come clean after almost twenty two years.

Apparently they had just found out about them as well and Wonder Girl was technically their cousin, with her being the daughter of Zeus and everything. It had been a lot to process as a lot of information had been given to the young adult in the save of less than an hour.

But apparently, they wouldn’t have time to process everything because Wonder Woman said that she needed to leave her home and leave her mother behind because enemies of the League had learned of [Y/N]’s existence and her potential as a child of a God and they might use them in an attempt to bring down government or the Justice League and because of this they had to leave, or else their mother would be in danger.

So they agreed, haphazardly and with a few reservations of course because they didn’t know what was in store for them when the left. What they were told, however, was that they would receive training with the Young Justice team and eventually join their ranks as a member to protect the world, like Cassie had, however, unlike Cassie, they would be training under Aqualad and Aquaman instead of under Wonder Woman as their powers would be similar.


They day had finally come where [Y/N] would be introduced to the Young Justice team, their team and ‘new family’ in the words of Cassie. It had been about a week since [Y/N] had left home and moved into the Young Justice Base, but they had yet to meet anyone as they were all on a long mission out of the country that was taking up their time, but they had Cassie and found that the pair got along quite well with one another, forming a friendship together.

When [Y/N] arrived through the zeta tube to the watch tower, they were greeted with a crowd of heroes that were already greeting their bubbly cousin with smiles and hugs. So, they stayed back, allowing the team to catch up. But Cassie wasn’t having this, so she moved toward the young person and linked arms with them and practically dragged them towards the team as they tucked a [H/C] strand of their [H/C] behind their ear and bit down on their lip as a nervous reaction.

They didn’t know what they were nervous for, they were greeted with smiles, mostly (Superboy remained stoic as he greeted them and introduced himself), and warm words of welcome to the team.

Each member of the team had introduced themselves, but one. The leader of the team had stayed back and watched as his team interacted with the new comer, a small smile on his face and his arms crossed over his chest. He was happy to see them getting along, for now anyway, he didn’t know what would happen in the future, but for now the team seemed well matched with one another.

When it seemed to calm and the team was now simply chatting, instead of talking over each other trying to greet the newest member, he walked forward and stood in front of them his hands falling from his chest and his smile spreading slightly into a warm and welcoming one as he knew he would be spending a lot of time with this person as he was to train them. “I am Kaldur’ahm. But you may call me Kaldur, or Aqualad, whichever you feel most comfortable with. I am the leader of this team and your trainer it seems.”

Looking at the man in front of them, a small blush rose to [Y/N]’s cheeks, simply because he was attractive and they couldn’t deny that, and a smile spread to their lips as they offered their hand to the man to shake, which he took. “I’m [Y/N], thank you for having me.”

After that, everything seemed to move quickly as the team moved from the Watch Tower to their own base after reporting on the mission and being sent away. The team went to the lounge and spread themselves around, but [Y/N] stayed back and watched from the sidelines with a small smile on their face. The team seemed so close to one another and they didn’t want to intrude on them.

[Y/N] felt a presence beside her and she glanced at who it was from the corner of her eyes, it was Kaldur. “Are you not going to join them?” Shaking their head slightly, [Y/N] licked her lips and looked to the ground for a second before looking back up at the group ahead of her, “I don’t want to intrude.”

A smirk made it’s way onto Kaldur’s lips, “You won’t be intruding. This is your team now too.” A small chuckle past through [Y/N]’s lips as they now turned their head so they could look at the dark skinned man beside them, “That may be, but, I’m still getting used to all this. I haven’t even been in the ocean yet.”

Kaldur looked shocked as his eyes widened, “You’ve never been in the ocean?” [Y/N] shook her head and shrugged her shoulder, “No. I’ve been to pools but never the ocean, mom always stayed away from the beach. Said she had a fear of large bodies of water and wouldn’t let me go with my friends.”

“But you’re father is the God of the ocean, is he not?” A puff of air left [Y/N]’s mouth before they let out a sigh and ran their hands through their hair, “He is. But, my mom didn’t want me to know about him or what I was. She just wanted to keep me safe.”

Kaldur nodded and cleared his throat, “Would you like to see it?” A smile spread to [Y/N]’s face as she thought about the water, how it might feel on her skin and how she always felt more at home when she was simming. “I would love to. When I was younger, I would sit on the roof of our house, usually when James was shouting at my mom, and I would stare out at the water, we had a pretty good view of the marina from her home, and I would wonder what it would be like to go there and to swim for as long as I could. I always felt like the ocean called to me.”

A warmth filled Kaldur’s eyes as he looked at the person before him, and his heart felt like it was starting to swell a little as he learned a little about the person behind the name and behind the powers. “Well, I could always show you it.” [Y/N] looked up to Kaldur, with an eyebrow raised and a question in their eyes, “The ocean. I could take you out, show you how beautiful it is and how beautiful the wildlife is.”

Nodding their head slightly a warm and friendly sigh left [Y/N]’s mouth as they brought their hands behind their back and clasped their hands together, leaning forward slightly as joy filled them, “I would like that.”  


The next day,Kaldur took [Y/N] out and they learned that [Y/N] could breath underwater, which meant they could spend longer under the water and longer exploring. This also allowed for them to test [Y/N]’s stamina and see if they needed to improve on that with training.

That day, Kaldur had shown [Y/N] the reef that surrounded the beach and cliffs where they were and introduced [Y/N] to a [F/M/A], which made [Y/N] overjoyed,and they played with them a little before heading back to base for some training.

The next time the pair went out, it was a few days later after training, [Y/N] was learning quickly and it shocked Kaldur somewhat. That day they had learned that [Y/N] could bend water at her will, hydrokinesis they learned it was called, and use it as a weapon much like Kaldur did. On this journey into the ocean, the two journey further away from the beach and into deeper waters where more secrets lay. They found more marine life,and while they journey further from the beach, they remained relatively close to the cliffs and followed them meaning they discovered hidden coves that were lost to the tide and to nature.

They ended up spending some time in one of the coves, eventually taking a seat on some rocks above the water to rest and this allowed the two to talk and get to know one another on a deeper level than they had before. They had managed to lose track of time while talking and discovering new things about one another, forming a deep friendship that rivaled the friendship that [Y/N] had formed with her cousin over the three weeks she had known her.

This became routine for the two, they would journey out in the ocean after training and Kaldur would show [Y/N] everything he could without getting too far from the main base of the team in case of an emergency and towards the end of their adventure they would rest in the cove and talk. They never seemed to run out of things to talk about, and always had something new to discuss with one another.

Eventually, the time came for [Y/N] to join the team on a mission and Kaldur was quite hesitant to allow this, not because he didn’t believe in their abilities but because he was sure he was developing feelings for them that were beyond friendship and he did not want to see them get hurt or in a dangerous situation. Nevertheless, they went, and proved to work very well with the team they had gotten to know over the weeks through simple chat and through sparring with each member in an attempt to get a feel for what they could do and how they fought.

After the mission the duo took to their regular routine of going for a swim together, this time they journeyed out a little further than normal and Kaldur watched in amazement as the wounds that [Y/N] had received closed up and healed in the water, a perk of being a demi-goddess he guessed. But it seemed to even shock [Y/N] as they had stopped once they realised their injuries were closing over.

“This is new.” Were the words that came from [Y/N]’s mouth as she looked to Kaldur, “But not unwelcome.” They would never admit it to the man they was swimming with, but [Y/N] was in pain, their injuries hurt like a bitch and they was hesitant to even go swimming with him because of how much they hurt, but they knew he would fuss and want to make sure they were rested and it would have been a while before they were able to go out together again, and they didn’t want that.

They were attached to Kaldur, no it was more than that. They were romantically attracted to him and the feelings had been growing from their first interaction, and now they made [Y/N] feel like their heart was going to beat out of their chest anytime they were with him. Luckily, he didn’t have super hearing.

However, M’Gann and Artemis had picked up on [Y/N]’s feelings for Kaldur and actively encouraged them to pursue the relationship, constantly claiming that he felt the same and just didn’t want to make a move after what had happened with Tula in the past, both with her relationship with Garth and her death, but [Y/N] brushed it off and claimed that Kaldur only thought of them as a friend. How wrong they were.

In the coming weeks, with mission after mission the pair were finding it hard to be able to get out and swim because they were either away and too tired to swim after a mission or training to improve both of their skills. They still talked, but things seemed tense and the other members of the team were beginning to pick up why with Artemis claiming that you could ‘cut their sexual tension with a knife’ when the pair were out of earshot and the others seemed to agree.

So they came up with a plan, alongside Aquaman who the team had managed to convince that it needed to happen. Arthur called the two to Atlantis for a mission, with L’Gann faking illness so he wouldn’t have to go and M’Gann claiming that she would have to stay in the bioship while they dealt with the situation, thus leaving the two alone. But of course, there was no mission and Arthur simply sent the two of them to the Great Barrier Reef because apparently someone was out there causing harm to it and it’s visitors.

But that wasn’t true. He sent them there to get them alone in one of the most beautiful places in the ocean in hopes that the two would confront their feelings for one another. When they arrived, they quickly realised that there was nothing wrong, however, they stayed and  [Y/N] was amazed at how beautiful it was and they swam around with a childlike glee and Kaldur watched with a smile as they seemed to be enjoying themselves. But upon noticing dying coral, their heart broke and they reached out to touch it and when they did, they were able to feel it.

Every [Y/N] came to life when they touched the coral, and it seemed the coral came back to life as well as a light that had started to swirl around the arms of the young hero moved down and around the coral beds as light and vibrancy was brought back to it, essentially bringing it back to life.

Kaldur was amazed, but that wasn’t new. Almost everything [Y/N] did amazed the young hero, and as he watched his heart began to swell, much like the time they had first meet, but this time it swole with an emotion he was all too familiar with, love. When [Y/N] turned to look at Kaldur, their eyes were wide and a look of shock was on their face as they weren’t expecting to be able to do that.

Kaldur swam towards them, until he was behind them, and he watched with a smile as they turned back and watched the light spread over the reef. “That was amazing.” Kaldur’s voice was soft and warm as he turned his eyes to look at the light as well, “You’re amazing [Y/N].”

[Y/N] now turned to face Kaldur, their heart beating at what felt like a million miles a minute and the butterflies in their stomach making them feel like they were on a roller coaster on it’s way up to it’s peak. “[Y/N], I -,” Kaldur was lost for words as he looked at them, and [Y/N] was silent while they waited for him to continue his sentence, which he didn’t do.

When [Y/N] realised Kaldur wasn’t going to finish his sentence, they went to speak but they were stopped when a pair of lips pressed down against their own and webbed hands wrapped gently around their lower back, pulling their body closer to Kaldurs.

They were slightly shocked, but enough that they waiting in kissing the man back. [Y/N]’s hands moved to wrap around the neck of the man as their lips moved in sync together. The kiss was soft, but it was filled with emotions that they had both been trying to hold back for a long time. When they pulled back, Kaldur placed his forehead against [Y/N]’s and they both took deep breaths, their lungs betraying them slightly as the stung from not breathing during the kiss.

“I’m apologise for not doing that sooner.” A giggle left [Y/N]’s lips as Kaldur leaned down to kiss them again. The two were so wrapped up in their moment together that they didn’t notice M’Gann in the background, silently watching them and making sure to mentally record everything to share with Artemis and Karen when they returned.

Young Justice Hogwarts Houses

Because I’ve found that people either get it very wrong, or only do a couple of the characters. Or both.

Kaldur'ahm: Gryffindor

Richard ‘Dick’ Grayson: Ravenclaw

Wallace 'Wally’ West: Gryffindor

Conner Kent: Slytherin

M'gann M'orzz: Hufflepuff

Artemis Crock: Slytherin

Roy Harper: Slytherin

Zatanna Zatara: Gryffindor

Raquel Ervin: Gryffindor? (We don’t know that much about her)

Garth: Hufflepuff

Tula: Ravenclaw

Garfield Logan: Hufflepuff

La'gann: Slytherin

Tim Drake: Ravenclaw

Jaime Reyes: Hufflepuff

Bartholomew 'Bart’ Allen: Gryffindor

Cassandra 'Cassie’ Sandsmark: Gryffindor

Barbara Gordon: Ravenclaw

Karen Beecher: Ravenclaw

Malcolm 'Mal’ Duncan: Gryffindor

Would any of you out there like to talk about how beautiful and amazing Kaldur’ahm is because I need to give the soft boy some love but I have no requests for him and my brain isn’t supplying any prompts but I need to write him goddammit


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8 characters that I relate to:

  • Myles from The 10 Year Plan (except a lot less stalker-y)
  • Tien Shinhan from TFS Abridged (not the actual DBZ anime)
  • Magneto from X-Men
  • Jean Grey from X-Men
  • Ben Wyatt from Parks and Recreation
  • Stanley Hudson from The Office
  • Kaldur’ahm / Aqualad from Young Justice
  • Jun Kazama from Tekken

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    kaldur’ahm tapped his thigh along to the beat of his music at the bus stop, mind wandering to how uncomfortable it was to have to wear sneakers- he wanted nothing more than to kick them off and dig his toes into the grass. but, most places in gotham wouldn’t let him inside without shoes. at the slightest nudge or maybe it was a bump, he took out an earbud to glance around. 

   “ oh hey, did you tap me? “

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Fic prompt #13 with Kaldur please?

A first Christmas with Kaldur’ahm is wholesome. It’s warm and embracing. Its quiet conversations in corners and late nights by a fireplace. It’s your family accepting him immediately. It’s also curious. Kaldur’ahm asking you to explain any family Christmas traditions you may have. Its late night strolls around your neighborhood to appreciate the lights. There’s going to be cheesy pictures and delicious home cooked dinners and falling asleep watching holiday movies. It involves showing him where you grew up. Its falling asleep in his arms in your old room. Spending your first together with Kaldur is loving and never having a lonely moment, just like how Christmas should be.

Mod J: So I wanted to experiment and answered yours as a headcannon. Hope you enjoy.

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Top 3 characters: Isabelle Lightwood, Nina Zenik, and Kaldur’ahm 

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