Here are the collected design stages for my original characters, Kaldir and Urazad Samzin.  As you can see, I was playing with hair color, cut, and gender a lot. But I wanted to keep single-lid, slanted eyes and tattoed, tan skin.  

They are both black-mages and help get Rivek out of multiple binds. Kaldir lost her sight as a child, but now operates via echolocation.  Urzad can enhance his musculature for superior strength.

Possible haircuts for Kaldir and Urzad Samzin. Which do you prefer?

They are Alisian cousins who share an underground apartment in Akhar, an Arab-inspired country from my story.

Kaldir is a peppy, petite cat burgler who loves baking. She was born blind but developed powers of echolocation in her teens. She eventually develops a sonic scream as well.

Urzad is a giant with rage issues who gets money from fighting in illegal wrestling matches. He has enhanced musculature which gives him super strength.

Alisians are a nomadic people who follow a radical religion that accepts black mages. Sometimes they settle in ghettos of major cities. Depending on local government, the specialize in ‘Dead Man’s Trades,’ illegal businesses. Kaldir is next in line to head the Samzin clan, the Akhari family that specializes in Thievery.

seni seviorm seni seviorm seni seviorm seni seviorm kaldir su omuzlarimdaki ask yukunu yoruluyorum.(kesinlikle ben yazdim hic bir yardim almadan ben yazdim begenelim lutfen)

2010|facebookta paylaştığım gönderi~


Ey naïf, sevdicegim.

Zamanin degdigi narin tenin,

Yagmur altinda gelincik;

Tazecik, biricik, nazenin.

Mevsimler degisti coktan,

Goc zamanidir.

Kiyam sana toprak bildigin.

Oldugunla direnemezsin.


Ey naif, gir kuytuma sevdicegim.

Bicaklari kaldir sofradan,

senin harcin degil.

Okyanusta kugu gibi suzulerek yuzemezsin.

Ormanin evcil kedisi,

Zamana direnemezsin;

Yorulur, kirilir, incinirsin,

Kendini diyemezsin.


Ey naif, sen bensiz edemezsin,

Gir kuytuma sevdicegim.