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Sometimes you do answer questions/prompts, I've seen, so I'll try my luck: after reading 'the small', I'm dying to know how Kalasin's adventure turned out, the way you wrote her. Did you ever think about giving her her own story?

I’m hoping so hard that Kalasin’s story in Carthak is one Tammy herself will choose to write one day, so in the meantime I’m keeping my hands off. I don’t want to fuddle with my own expectations and headcanons. 


Tamora Pierce characters I’m desperate to know more about:

-Keladry of Mindelan, well into her adult years (maybe with kids, maybe with a partner, maybe with a squire? WHO KNOWS). Really, just any follow-up, however brief, on Kel. I love her.

-Lalasa’s backstory, or her life in the city as a seamstress (or both!)

-Kalasin (as an adult and Empress of Carthak)

-Kourrem & Kara as Bazhir shamans

-A story or longer piece about someone in one of Tortall’s religious orders (a priest/priestess, temple worker, etc). I’d love to learn a bit more about that!

So many possibilities! In the back of my head I feel like I heard she’s working on something featuring Maura of Dunlath and maybe something Numair-centric? I could be totally wrong. Those would be amazing, I’m sure, but when it comes to Tortall, I will forever want more. So greedy.

Note: not complaining, just using my computer to dream about the things I want to read.

“….how are you doing, Your Highness?”

“Please don’t call me that.” The girl’s voice cracked. It’s cause of me being a princess that all this is happening. It’s my fault and I hate it!“

Daine rolled to her knees and went to the child. "Here now–stop that,” she said patting Kally’s shoulder. The girl turned and buried her head in Daine’s shirt. She was crying, and fighting hard to keep from making any sound. She’s only eight, Daine thought sadly. “You got it all wrong, sweetling. Those men would do this no matter who they’re after. They could have asked for Numair, here, who’s in trouble  in that Carthak place, or Sarge, that’s a runaway slave. It isn’t cause of you or Roald or anybody. You’re just the excuse. If you must blame somebody, blame them Carthaks.”

“Carthakis,” Numair corrected. He was smiling a little. “Daine’s right, Kalasin. The person who commits an action is the one responsible for it, not the people he commits the action upon.

-Wild Magic, The Immortals