A doofy little comic I came up with based on the canon idea that Itanta/Trinity of Leaves Kobolds (They’re basically the same thing, just one of them is IIIIN SPAAAAACE) speak in really heavy Doric. I thought the mental image of them shorting out a universal translator was too funny to not doodle.

The chap on the left is a Kalarian, one of keetah-spacecat’s alien species!

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Sentientia Compendium #21

Kalarians evolved super fast, kinda like the Springers. Being a prey species means you kinda gottah hustle to get to the point that you don’t get preyed on. Unlike the Springers, Kalarians don’t really have to fear getting eaten anymore, unless they travel to wildlife preserves on their planet, where sections of the land remain untouched and protected.

Just a goofy idea I wanted to scribble down relating to Stellarmass.

Some semblance of context: In the MUD Stellarmass (Currently down until their owners can find the time to get a new server host, sorry folks!), there is an asteroid with a bunch of robotic spiders who have gone rampant.

I heard the “Anything with more than two legs, you kill it” quote from Starship Troopers and thought it would be goofy to apply it to a squad of aliens where one of the members happens to be a quadruped, and thus has suddenly become concerned for their safety. :B

Also Kalarians, at least those native to Kalara, are quite racist towards other aliens, including Zurakis, so I decided to play this one true to character (My hapless Kalarian smuggler Elian was born and raised on Warppoint, so he is a bit better behaved :B)